It's a Dog's World — Photo Gallery by @arostova


What people take photos of says a lot about who they are. It reveals what inspires them and what makes their heart flutter. Following this thinking, it's easy to see that @arostova adores her pet dogs and they occupy a special place in her heart.

Credits: arostova

They say dogs are man's best friend and we totally agree. There's a profound connection to be had when you take in a pet of your own. You become responsible for them, care for their well-being, and give them the best version of yourself. That's why some people call themselves "furparents" since they don't simply look at their pets as properties, they treat them as their own—a part of the family.

@arostova displays her affection for her pets in the most loving of ways. She documents everything that her furry companions do—from the mundane everyday things to the special moments that she wishes to preserve forever. She captures scenes that they are happiest, like during walks, or when they're dozing on a lazy afternoon. It's a dog's world, after all, so naps are to be expected.

Credits: arostova

Photographing what you love is a great exercise when it comes to building your skill as a photographer. Since you love what you are doing, you enjoy it and get to practice different aspects like framing, composition, and exposure. It doesn't feel like a chore but rather an excuse to pour more love into your hobby.

What about you? Do you have pets of your own? Share the links to their photos down below to show your love for them!

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  1. papa-attila
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  2. jolom
    jolom ·

    Aw, great photos and cute pups!! My dogs are among my favorite subjects too!…

  3. arostova
    arostova ·

    thank you so much, @cheeo!

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