Recap: Lomography x Etéreo - LomoWalk Madrid

We recently teamed up with Etéreo Zine for a LomoWalk in Madrid, Spain. Let's take a look at the photo walk through the point of view of the participants.

Miriam Gomez - LomoChrome Metropolis
I really enjoyed the experience, I think the most important thing was to connect with people who love analogue photography as much as I do. I liked seeing the film developed because I didn't know what characteristic it would offer. (...) I hope you will organize more activities like this because it was a very cool day. Miriam Gomez
Carlos Culebras Morote - LomoChrome Purple
I want to thank Lomography for bringing opportunities like this! It feels amazing to meet new people that also love film photography and to connect with the city in such an amazing way. I had no expectations, because I knew no people that joined the Madrid Lomowalk and I had no idea which film I would use. I had a Lomochrome Purple - and it has been one of the best rolls of my life! I love Lomography textures and this palette feels like a breath of fresh air.
I'm very happy to have taken part in this experience, and I hope to go again the next time! I want you also to thank the Etéreo Zine girls, they were amazing hosts of the city and showed us a very beautiful path I didn't even know. Also, they were very nice and extended the schedule we had planned (because after three hours we hadn't finished the films), so we went to a pizzeria and had a very nice time. In conclusion, I love this experience and you have brought one of the most interesting proposals on the whole year. Congratulations! Carlos Culebras Morote
Juan Martin - Color Negative 400
I have to say that I loved the LomoWalk. The organizers and the participants were really kind and nice. It was my first time shooting a Lomography film so my main goal during the whole walk was to have fun and to enjoy going around Madrid taking pictures without any kind of expectation about the results. Moreover, the thing that I liked the most was sharing stories, experiences and talking for hours about photography with the other participants. Juan Martin
Quique Ojeda Delgado - Color Negative 400
The experience I had at LomoWalk Madrid was great. It was a fun way of meeting other photographers interested in shooting film. I also had the opportunity to try some Lomography film, which was really nice. I really enjoyed the overall vibe of the event and the company of the organizers and the participants. Thank you for this experience! Quique Ojeda Delgado
Julia Cobian (Etéreo Zine) - LomoChrome Metropolis
I loved the experience of the LomoWalk. I had never participated in a photo walk before and it was super fun and enriching. What I liked the most was meeting people and being able to share a little bit of ourselves. I dont have anything more to say, just that I loved the whole experience, meeting people who have the same passion as you is the best feeling! Julia Cobian
Jose Ros - LomoChrome Metropolis
It was fun to use the Metropolis film and take a walk around Madrid with other people. Getting to know new people who are passionate about analogue photography is always cool, I had a great time. Jose Ros
Adriana Vela - LomoChrome Purple
I really really liked this LomoWalk! It was so much fun! I think it’s a really good way to meet people who share the same hobbies as you, and for me it was another way to see my city (focusing on little things). Time flew by that day and I was super glad that I participated in the event! I hope you guys do it again soon! Adriana Vela
Gustavo Forero - Color Negative 400
I found it quite interesting to see how a group of people in the same space can have so many different perspectives, besides spending a nice afternoon with great people, although it was the first time we met each other. It’s always cool to meet new people, and even more if we are all passionate about the same thing, photography. I also enjoyed using a kind of film that I wouldn’t normally use. Gustavo Forero
Virginia M. Ramos (Etéreo Zine) - Berlin Kino B&W
I think there was a very special synergy between all the people who attended the LomoWalk, as we shared the same passion: analogue photography. What I liked the most about the walk was, without a doubt, being able to get to know each other and talk about our cameras, favorite films and the reason for our passion for photography. I think it was an experience that has enriched all of us and we had a great time shooting our films and discovering new places in Madrid. Virginia M. Ramos
Sandra Caballero - LomoChrome Purple
First of all, thank you so much for organising a Lomowalk in Madrid. It was an incredible experience. (...) The experience not only fulfilled my expectations, but exceeded them because we formed a beautiful group of photographers. Proof of this was that we finished hours later than planned. Actually, it was the cold and the lack of light that marked the end of the activity. I think there was a synchronicity between what we all wanted from the activity. And we all come from different backgrounds: from professional photographers to beginners in analogue photography, and the pictures surely show the great atmosphere that was formed and how friendly our Madrid is: not only we photographed each other, but also eating pizza in the centre of Lavapiés, telling anecdotes, between autumn leaves and mid-morning coffee shops, and it was also amazing to learn about each other's photographic projects.
I continue to be amazed by the diversity of our group. As for my specific experience with Lomography films, I got the Lomochrome Purple. I had never used it before, but I have used Lomography's Redscale film quite a lot, so I prioritised settings that would allow the colours of the film or the yellows to stand out, looking for a contrast with the purple (being a complementary colour), as well as the greens. As for the organisation, I have no complaints whatsoever and I think it all went very smoothly. If anything, let there be more of them! Sandra Caballero
Sara Belmonte - Lady Grey B&W 400 ISO
My experience at LomoWalk Madrid was very good, I thought it was an original and fun way to meet other people with common interests, and also to experiment with analogue photography. The organization of the event by Etéreo was very good, and I felt comfortable at all times thanks to them, plus the route of the walk gave enough game to experiment with the films. I shot the Lady Grey, a black and white film with very soft tones. I found the experience very interesting as I don't usually shoot in black and white. My work is usually very colourful, so on this occasion it was fun to experiment with this magical film. Sara Belmonte

We hope everybody who participated had a fun, film filled day! Once again, special thanks to Etéreo Zine for making this event happen. If you missed the walk, stay connected with us by checking our Calendar and don't forget to subscribe to our Newsletter to keep up to date with our upcoming events and news!

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LomoChrome Metropolis 35 mm ISO 100–400

This film comes with a unique chemical formula specifically developed in our Lomography film manufactory, which desaturates colors, mutes tones and makes contrasts pop.

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