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With the rollout of pre-orders of the LomoChrome Turquoise 2021 formula and the film stock back on store shelves, people are finally getting their hands on the coveted and color-shifting film stock. Known for transforming the mundane into something unforgettable, photos taken using the LomoChrome Turquoise are always eye-catching. With all the recent photos being posted we visit Portland through the lens of longtime Lomographer @mcgloin as he shares street snaps of his city.

Credits: mcgloin

Portland is a city known for its popularity amongst younger generations, due to its early adaptation of progressive and liberal politics in the 60s and 70s and the influx of “hippies” during the same time that made an impact on the city’s culture. Now Portland is ranked highly in being one of the best cities for outdoor activities and for young professionals. The cost of living in Portland is much more fair compared to other major cities which has led to over 50 percent of residents owning their homes rather than renting. Talking to @Mcgloin, this is how he describes Portland in his own words.

Portland is a small city with all of the things you'd find in larger cities like Seattle and San Francisco. We have 4 photo labs (I work in one of them, Pro Photo Supply — a Lomography partner!), multiple record shops, book shops for anything you can think of, many bike shops — including one that's only track bikes, another that's only cargo bikes, for example. Portland is easy to get around on transit (street car, bus, regional light rail, and aerial tram) on bike or foot.
Portland has a solid food scene with a ton of food carts, cafes, and restaurants. It has a mix of architecture, loads of street art, museums, a wonderful photography gallery, and a library called Blue Sky. It's a great place to wander through large parks like Forest Park or Pier Park.
During the summer we have Pedalpalooza Bike Summer, which is a summer-long festival of bike rides, bike events, and bike-related fun. It's participant-led and a huge part of the community. Yes, I lead some rides, and yes, there are film photography rides organized by Urban Adventure League
Credits: mcgloin

For some shooting LomoChrome Turquoise is a challenge. The unfamiliarity of the results of which colors will shift and the tones that you’ll be getting is all part of the fun when you’re testing out this film. Using a camera that you are familiar with or being able to master the technicalities of photography is what allowed @mcgloin to find using this film stock fun.

Shooting LomoChrome Turquoise lets me see the everyday world around me in a whole new way, it creates new possibilities to explore and maybe even question reality. I decided to use it because it seemed like a bad idea in the best possible way. The sample photos and later the photos Lomographers made with the film blew my mind. When it came up for pre-order this last time I jumped on it, having missed out on the first batch.
Credits: mcgloin

For @mcgloin his choice of camera for most of these photos was the Lomo LC-A+ which he thinks is a great pairing. Always having the original Lomo LC-A or updated LC-A+, he was able to shoot some of the pictures while on his bike during an opera-themed social bike ride. @Mcgloin follows two of our Golden Rules religiously by taking his camera everywhere he goes and using it day and night.

LomoChrome Turquoise seems to work best in a Lomo LC-A+ (or any film camera) at ISO 400. Shooting at 400 seems to yield the most intense color shifting and deepest colors. At slower speeds, it's a bit flat. LomoChrome Turquoise also really seems to shine in situations where there is a large difference between the darker parts and lighter parts of a scene: late-day sun shining between buildings will shift the brighter part one way and the darker parts another, if at all, for example.
The reality is LomoChrome Turquoise isn't the cheapest film, so save it for a project or outings in bright daylight. Maybe that fashion shoot with studio lighting or your first trip to a new place.
Credits: mcgloin

We thank @mcgloin for sharing his photos. You can check out his massive treasure trove of photos on his LomoHome. Finally got your LomoChrome Turquoise or have plans on where to shoot? Let us know down below who, what or where you want to shoot this life-changing film.

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