Gocchin: Creating an Illusionary World With the Lomoapparat


Yosihitaka Goto, aka Gocchin, isn't new to the world of Lomography. In fact, he knows a lot about Lomography's spirit.

He's famous for his multi-exposure photos shot with the splitzer, and this is what makes Gocchin's world unique. He's shot countless photos using the Lomo LC-A+ and Lomo'Instant cameras, but this time he tried our new LomoApparat to show us the Gocchin world. Let's have a look at some of his photos along with his short interview.

© Gocchin

Hi Gocchin, welcome back to our magazine! Please introduce yourself briefly to our new Lomographers.

I am a freelance photographer, based in Gifu. Mostly I work with mutliple-exposure photos and cross processing using Lomography cameras. I also provide my works for book covers, CD covers, and ads.

Tell us about your multi-exposure perspective.

Multi-exposure creates an otherworldly look even though my camera captures reality. It looks as if it was a scene from a sci-fi movie, and indeed that's my intention with multi-exposure. Especially with black and white work. I often get inspiration or ideas from Christopher Nolan's movies.

© Gocchin

What was your first impression upon receiving the LomoApparat?

Lightweight! I usually use my LC-A+, but I was surprised that it was lighter than the LC-A+.

Did you have any ideas or themes for this shoot? What did you have in mind when you shot with the LomoApparat?

Since I was excited to try the attachments, especially the kaleidscope and splitzer, I had my models act comically. I also photographed skyscrapers to see how much 21 mm could fit in a frame.

© Gocchin. Mutli-exposure shots with Splitzer

Do you have any favorite photos from this series?

I like the photos with three models in them. I used the kaleidoscope attachment for these shots. The models stretched their arms, but with the kaleidoscope effect, their arms look twice as long in the photos. I like these photos because I did not expect the results like these.

© Gocchin. Shot with the Kaleidoscope attachment

Do you have any tips or advice for using the multi-exposure function on the LomoApparat?

The MX switch is located on the right side on the back and is easy to use. The location of the switch is quite important here. That's because, with cameras like LC-A+ and LC-Wide, you cannot use tripods because the MX switch is also located at the bottom of the camera. However, with the mx switch on the back, you can finally use a tripod for your LomoApparat. By using a tripod, you will get much more accurate framing.

© Gocchin

When you use a splitzer on the LomoApparat, much of the viewfinder is blocked, making it a bit difficult to check a composition. This is very Lomography-like.

For example, the following shows how to split a frame by right half and left half.

1. Place your LomoApparat on a tripod and check the composition without a splitzer.
2. After you decide a composition, take a picture with the splitzer.
3. Remove the splitzer and check the composition of the other half area.
4. Put the splitzer back and take a picture of the other half area.

By following these steps, you'll get quite an accurate composition!

© Gocchin

Besides multiple exposure, what scenes do you think would work with the LomoApparat?

21mm wide lens is great for any occasion where you want to go wide. Needless to say, you cannot forget to use those fun lens attachments. I recommend you put these attachments in front of your eyes to see how they affect your images. Also, the camera itself is quite light, so you can just throw it in your pocket and never miss a decisive moment! Also shooting at night is worry-free with the built-in flash.

© Gocchin

Any final comments?

The LomoApparat is a compact, light-weight and easy-to-use camera that film beginners can use. Such a compact camera is so fun to use!

Thank you for your amazing pictures!

Web: www.photobox.jp/
Lomohome: gocchin
Instagram: lomogocchin

written by kota_97 on 2022-12-14 #gear #people #splitzer #kaleidoscope #japan #first-impressions #lomoapparat

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  1. mjaa
    mjaa ·

    Great results! What color film did you use @gocchin ?

  2. gocchin
    gocchin ·

    @mjaa Lomography color negative 400 & Lomochrome Purple, thank you :D

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