"Rusty Swing" A Music Video by The Unclouders, Partly Shot with the LomoKino


French rock duo, The Unclouders, formed in 2018 and its members Florent and Adrien like to direct their own music videos. In the video for their track “Rusty Swing”, they tell a story inspired by photography and by analogue in particular. They love the imperfections and the more organic side of analogue. That’s why they chose our 35 mm analogue camera, the LomoKino, to shoot part of their video. We interviewed them to find out more.

The Unclouders ©Chester Wade

Hello! To start, could you introduce yourselves?

We’re The Unclouders, a rock duo from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, France. We’ve got Florent Pollet on guitar and vocals, and Adrien Gaillard on drums.

For your video "Rusty Swing", you were inspired by the analogue world. Could you tell us a little more about it?

As with our two previous videos, we wanted to be in charge of production because we see this medium as another space for expression and experimentation. For "Rusty Swing", we were looking for a radical aesthetic, something raw and natural, the opposite of anything we could produce digitally. We wanted the idea of simplicity conveyed by this title to be just as perceptible in the image. After some research and film tests, we chose the LomoKino for this shoot and created a story around photography and more precisely around film.

© The Unclouders. Images shot with the LomoKino.

Could you tell us a little more about using the LomoKino ?

We shot indoors with the LomoKino which required lots of light to get properly exposed images. We shot about fifty live sequences on about thirty films which we then developed, scanned and edited. Filming with a LomoKino is very fun because it's a nice and easy-to-use camera but at the same time it’s very confusing because it’s very imprecise, which sometimes gives you the impression that you don’t have complete control over what you’re doing.

What do you like about analogue, both in music and photography?

We like the imperfect side that analogue can give. Where digital makes it possible to retake endlessly in search of perfection, analogue brings the acceptance of imperfection. There is something more organic about analogue.

Vinyls by The Unclouders with the original negatives on the sleeves.

What are your current and future projects?

To continue our analogue experience and to accompany the release of “Rusty Swing” we have published a very special release of our latest EP on vinyl, the cover of which incorporates the original negatives that were used to make this video. We also went on our tour "The Unclouders On Tour" which began in February 2022 with about thirty dates across France.

You can see the making of the clip here. For more information, head to their website, or their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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