The LomoApparat: An Ideal Nightlife Companion


For me, nightlife photography requires two things. A camera good for low light photography and the energy to keep up with all the events that are happening. With the arrival of Lomography's latest camera, the LomoApparat, I was of course excited to test out its low light capabilities. With a packed October and November filled with gigs and events, I introduced the LomoApparat to the never-ending dance floors of Manila's Nightlife scene.

Credits: rocket_fries0036

My rule as a DJ is to never bring my bulky camera when I have a gig however I still want to be able to capture moments during my sets. The lightweight and easy-to-use functionalities made it a breeze for me to take quick photos, whether during breaks in my sets or just to quickly catch people on the dancefloor. Despite the camera's high aperture of F/10, the Bulb mode of the LomoApparat can forgo this and allow the camera to use the low light to its advantage. Its built-in flash is another tool for low light situations but for those who want to be sneaky and inconspicuous, the bulb mode is the way to go.

Using the Kaleidoscope lens was one of my favorite things to try out as it felt as if you were also swirling from all the partying. Shooting Lomography Color Negative 35 mm ISO 400 and Lady Grey B&W 35 mm ISO 400, we see how these unique films respond to different low light situations.

One thing I learned through trial and error is when to use the bulb mode with flash and went to just shot normally with flash. I think this was more prevalent with the Lady Grey as some shots were too dark with just the flash. Even if my hands weren't steady enough for the bulb mode I'm really satisfied with the crowd and light shots I got with the LomoApparat as the pictures look more abstract and really give the feeling of being at one with the crowd during a concert.

Credits: rocket_fries0036

My favorite photos that came out were the ones using the bulb mode with the flash. I think this technique really gave the best option for shooting in low light. This camera packs quite a punch in low light despite only having two settings. Combining this with the right film stock and good lighting will give you extraordinary results packed in an easy-to-bring-around package.

Credits: rocket_fries0036

What places have you taken the LomoApparat to? Let us know down below and share some techniques you tried with the new camera.

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  1. thehenrydemos
    thehenrydemos ·

    dude hell yeah

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Aarrgghh make me dillema because I have a new lomo apparat and want to sell it but after read this i want to use it but i need a money

  3. tracyvmoore
    tracyvmoore ·

    Great article. Your shots are fantastic and really capture the energy of all your crazy night fun. I love my Apparat...but for some reason I have not realized that the flas worked in Bulb setting as well. I have used that feature a lot on other cameras...but didn't even think about it with this one. My next roll is going to have lots of night time bulb shots with flash! thanks Rocket!

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