Tippelsberg, Bochum – A Great View Over the Ruhr

Calling the Tippelsberg in Bochum a "mountain“ is a bit of an exaggeration – but even with a height of only 150 meters, it still offers a great view over the Ruhr area. Follow me as I visit one of Germany’s oldest tourist attractions.

The place is named after a giant called Tippulus, who according to local legends used to live in the area way back in the Old Times. In his honor, there are giant foot-prints strewn across the hill.

Tippelsberg is (unlike most peaks in that region) a natural hill, but it was used as a tailings pile before it was remodeled into a park just a few years ago. Even today, everything still feels pretty new.

You can chose between different paths to get to the top. One of them is paved enough so you can take your bike (it’s pretty steep though), another one is designed as an adventure path for kids.

Once you reach the summit, you’ll find a big flat-lying cross that doubles as a bench and is surrounded by a circle of steel columns. On those columns you’ll find information about the landmarks you can see from here: among others there are the Mining Museum and Bismarck-tower in Bochum, the Schalke Arena in Gelsenkirchen, the tv-tower in Dortmund and the Halde Hoheward. And from here you’ll also see that the Ruhr area is surprisingly green!
It’s also the ideal place to watch the fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

More Information in Wiki (in German only, sorry!)

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