Candid Moments on Lomography Film: Photos by Jean Ambrojo

Photographer Jean Ambrojo tried some of our film for the first time, including Lady Grey B&W 400 ISO, Lomography Color Negative 100 ISO and Lomography Redscale XR ISO 50 - 200. Check out her stunning results and get to know her in this interview.

© Jean Ambrojo - Lady Grey 400 ISO

Hi Jean, welcome! Could you introduce yourself to the readers of our Online Magazine?

Hi, I’m Jean, I’m from Spain, and photography and everything related to it is my way of living.

Tell us about your photographic background. When did you start your journey into the world of photography?

It wasn't that long ago, in 2017 when I borrowed my mother's automatic Nikon, the same one she used to take all my photos when I was little. I had met my first love and wanted to take some pictures of her and go even further. I wanted to be able to touch them and see them continuously, hence they were rendered on film.

© Jean Ambrojo - Color Negative 100

Why do you choose analogue photography in this undeniably digital age?

I have never felt attracted to present beauty. It’s not that the past inspires me more but I want to keep all my senses awake as well as time. I want to let the feelings lead me to the events. A simple and pure photographic exercise.

Can you tell us your process behind your photos?

There is no specific intention, no particular meaning behind each photograph. I prefer to feel rather than understand. I place myself in a state of intense ignorance and curiosity and from there, try to see things clearly. It's you and your own means.

© Jean Ambrojo - Redscale

Was it the first time trying our film? Which of the three you tried did you like the most and why?

Yes, it was. I stick with the Lady Grey 400 ISO B&W film, it was the more appealing to me. I found that it rendered as I hoped it would in the situations I photographed, and was more suited to the story I wanted to tell in my imagination.

Who are the artists you follow and from whom do you draw inspiration for your photos?

Inventing stories, trying new techniques, colors, succumbing to my curiosity. Finding in each shot a new approach to the imagined. I rarely find inspiration in people or artists but in connections with people, sometimes people that I don't even know and sometimes that I love, as well as the contemplation of nature or environments in silence.

Check all Jean's works on her Instagram profile.

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