Recap: LomoWalk X Toronto Analog Friends


We recently teamed up with Toronto Analog Friends with support from Choose Film Camera Shop for LomoWalk Toronto. The event took place on October 29th at Evergreen Brick Works and in the name of the holiday welcomed participants to show up in Halloween costumes.

Let's take a look at the results of some of the participating photographers...

Photos by Bon Adriel

"Having only moved to Toronto last December, I've been wanting to meet new folks who have the same interest in film photography as me. I got acquainted with the Toronto Analog Friends through Jorge Rangel on Instagram and have been wanting to join their photowalks for a while now. This was my first LomoWalk and I really liked the enthusiasm everyone had. I'm an introvert so I usually go on photowalks alone, but this community was very chill and made me feel welcomed so quickly, it's amazing! It also just happened that my pre-ordered rolls of LomoChrome Turquoise came in the mail a day before the LomoWalk, so I brought a 120 roll with me and took some portraits. I'm really glad to have shared this experience with this awesome community."
- Bon Adriel

Photos by Válter Venâncio

"It was my first Toronto walk. I'm a recent resident of Canada and these walks are an amazing opportunity to meet new people with a common love for analogue photography."
- Válter Venâncio

Photos by Lorenzo Cinco

"The Toronto Analog Friends group started doing photowalks this year and I've been going ever since the second walk they organized early in May. To see the community get bigger, with more participants coming each and every photowalk, has been great to see. For many people, film photography was a pandemic hobby and photography itself can be quite a solitary activity. So to have this welcoming, friendly, and diverse community is amazing! I've met creative and like-minded people I never otherwise would have and I'm excited to meet more. I am looking forward to the many photowalks (planned and impromptu) the group will have in the future!"
- Lorenzo Cinco

Photos by Dyan Estavillo as a result of passing around the La Sardina

"I had been part of the Toronto Analog Friends for a few months now, and this was our biggest walk yet. The diversity of people that Jorge has managed to rally up when forming this group was a big factor in getting me to come out, as I previously found film photography to be a little intimidating, joining as a total newbie. It’s been amazing getting to meet all sorts of people (different ages, occupations, skill levels, etc) through this group, many of whom I’ve ended up hanging out with outside of photography as well."
- Dyan Estavillo

Photos by Rachelle Lenihan

"I joined the Toronto Analog Friends group in support of my friend Jorge Rangel, who is wonderfully passionate about film. While not an avid photographer, the ease of interacting with the community, and the generosity of this community came as a lovely surprise. At this walk I was able to have a lot of fun with the Lomography fisheye camera, the feeling of being able to capture so much in one shot was pretty exciting, and made for some interesting shots that caught the fall vibes and friendly smiles well in my opinion! It’s great to be able to interact with the friends I’ve made at these photo walks and be able to learn something new every time I attend."
- Rachelle Lenihan

Photos by Jorge Rangel
Photos by Andrew Chiu

"Photography for me really started as a 2020 hobby with the Lomo’Instant Square. I originally got it to take photos with someone special, but when that didn’t work out it became a hobby of my own. In this year I started connecting with people in person, although I was already quite connected on Instagram. I really wanted to see people in Toronto that had a similar interest in photos, and that’s when I started reaching out and going on these kinds of photo walks.

"It’s very fascinating and a way to connect with the city in a way I hadn’t really done before; it’s amazing the different walks of life people come from that meet in these kinds of events. Lomography as a brand really resonates with me in terms of ‘keeping it real’ and not overthinking things, while still being deliberate and thoughtful in action and implementation. All in all, a lot of fun."
- Andrew Chiu

One of the participants, Carmen Tu, even captured the event on her Super 8 camera. Check out her video below!

Video by Carmen Tu

We hope everybody who participated had a fun, film filled day! Once again, special thanks to Toronto Analog Friends and Choose Film Camera Shop for making this event happen.

To see more results from the walk check out Toronto Analog Friends' online gallery!

If you missed the walk, stay connected with us by checking our Calendar for upcoming events!

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    This was a lot of fun! 🤩

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    What a fun event. Shoutout to Sarah (@sourllemonn) and Yeva (@ewastolper) for posing in my photos !

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