King Camberwell


My home town, Camberwell, is in South East London. Camberwell Green is a busy, urban area, awash with graffiti, noise, and unusual people, but just a couple of streets away, a tranquil park makes you feel as if you’re in the countryside

In the heart of Camberwell, is this quiet park which is the scene of many summer fete’s, jumble sales, and even a yearly tea dance, where all the nearby residents come together to hang out. Most of Camberwell is very busy and noisy (in a good way), but Myatt’s Fields Park is always sunny.

The graffiti outside Camberwell Snooker Club is a great showcase to the rest of Camberwell, lively creative, fun and constantly changing. It can be bustling and urban, or quiet and peaceful, but Camberwell is never boring.

written by lornagirl on 2010-07-29 #places #park #urban #summer #graffiti #location #streetart #travel-destination #south-london

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  1. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Would have been good to see more pics of the area, I don't live that far from here and Camberwell was my old haunt whilst at college! many a good time in the Silver Buckle!!

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