A Film Diary by @pixerina

Capturing the mundane, the important, and the beautiful is all in a day's work for community member @pixerina. Her slice-of-life photographs are a good reminder to always have your camera with you because you just never know when the right moment will present itself.

Credits: pixerina

We absolutely love how @pixerina is compiling photos from her daily life. We can witness her analogue journey firsthand, through the lens of her camera. She's been taking photos ever since she got her Olympus OM-1 when she was 12.

“I do consider my photographs a kind of visual diary—a way to look back in time through my own eyes. Film's limited (and expensive) nature requires intention and purpose, infinitely more so than taking pictures on a phone. As a result, my film photos have helped me capture my life with a sense of intimacy and love that digital photos simply cannot.” - @pixerina

The photos in her LomoHome were captured across a decade of shooting with film, a feat that we admire and can get behind. Up to this day, @pixerina keeps a point-and-shoot camera on her at all times, ready to snap a shot when the next frame reveals itself.

Credits: pixerina

Photography is a tool with which we can all share our experiences. It's far from magic but sometimes it feels like it is. It has the power to transport us to a particular moment and inspire us to make more memories that we will treasure in the future.

Recognizing key moments and trying to consciously document them are just a couple of things we can learn from @pixerina. While photographs are not the most important thing in our lives, they can hold significant value for us in the long run. No matter how trivial they may seem now, they might just end up becoming precious tokens in the future.

We want to thank @pixerina for sharing her story with us. Give her a follow at her LomoHome to see more of her photos.

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