Urban Compositions: Lomo LC-A+ & LomoChrome Turquoise Gallery by @zekiphone


Japan takes on a different face through the lens of Lomographer @zekiphone. With the multiple exposure function of the Lomo LC-A+ he amplifies the rush of lively streets and train stations he accesses everyday for work in the landlocked prefecture of Saitama. He has also been able to create even more fascinatingly complex photos with the recent reintroduction of the 2021 LomoChrome Turquoise 35 mm film stock.

We talked to him about his photography, his experience with the LomoChrome Turquoise and how the Lomo LC-A+ has been his daily companion since 2018.

Credits: zekiphone

@zekiPhone is not new to the Lomography Online Magazine, having been previously featured for his surrealistic city images and creative use of the Lomography Redscale and Neptune Convertible Art Lens System.

Most of his new photos were taken during his daily commutes, giving these photos a sense of familiarity underneath the wildly meshed-together subjects, no-holds-barred framing, and boldly-shifted colors.

Credits: zekiphone
I'm taking pictures as a hobby while doing packing work. [I started film photography] when I got a pinhole camera when I was studying art in university. I didn't shoot for a while after graduating from university.
The photos I happened to see at the Lomography store in Japan five years ago left a vivid impression on me, and made me want to try photography again. I got the LC-A+ in the spring of 2018. It's compact, multiple exposure is possible, and above all, it's cute. He's still a great companion to me.
Credits: zekiphone

@zekiPhone's multidimensional photos blur reality and tickle the mind. Infrastructures layered on top of each other, or flipped upside down to create reflections; an abstract intersection – @zekiphone's works are a manifestation of his urge to break free from the mundane.

The reason I often shoot in the city is because I shoot during my commute. When shooting with the LC-A+, I focus on creating a new world as an extension of my life. On weekdays, I always go back and forth between home and work in the same way, and at work I do almost the same routine.
I don't have any big worries or dissatisfaction, but I feel that something’s boring and unfulfilling. I am working with Lomography to break through such daily life.
Credits: zekiphone

He has created hundreds of these overlapping images featuring the Lomo LC-A+ and LomoChrome Turquoise, filed under albums entitled Lomo LC-A+:takes 139, 140 and 141.

Lomochrome Turquoise is a film I've been waiting for a comeback for a long time. It's a very exciting film. The blue and orange colors are beautiful, and it has become my favorite film.

Asked about his favorite photo so far, he said this imaginative Turquoise shot taken with his Nikon F3AF and using a mirage filter stands out to him.

Credits: zekiphone
This photo was taken using a Mirage filter. It is a tool that I like very much because it can be interesting even in ordinary places. I usually use it when shooting with normal color negative film, but since it's turquoise, I thought I'd play with something interesting. As a result, I am satisfied with what I expected.

Many thanks to @zekiphone for sharing his work with us! Visit his LomoHome to see more.

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