Film Soup and the Spinner 360° – A Combination Worthy of a Crazy Night


You may have attended a few parties over the last couple of months. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other celebrations, you have probably also had one or two hungover mornings. Well we’ve got a fun film soup recipe inspired by hangover cures, though we’re not promising it will cure the vertigo.

The most glorious nights can begin with seemingly quiet afternoons. A river walk that continues along downtown streets until we find ourselves at a bar.

Photo by Elisa Parrino

For this recipe, we decided that the perfect camera to match a sense of dizziness was the Spinner-360 paired with a roll of Lomography Color Negative 35 mm ISO 800.

The recipe:

  • A glass of wine (we had white wine available but anything will do)
  • Aspirin or any painkiller
  • Silica Gel

Arguably there is no better cure to a hangover than a glass of alcohol, so we decided to use wine in our recipe. But to not miss the most modern of cures, we also dissolved an aspirin (plus some silica gel to add to the effect.)

Photo by Elisa Parrino

The result is a mélange of delicate colors swaying between hues of blue, and pastel pinks. The choice of an 800 ISO color film turned out to be the optimal choice for a camera that has a relatively small light hole and therefore a need for high sensitivity film.

The wavy lines leaving their trails are particularly interesting when paired with a machine that literally turns heads.

One last feature that made these images so captivating is the timeless allure of the sprocket holes. No doubt, this set of ingredients left very beautiful tones that we'll use for other soups.

Are you a film soup lover? Share your favorite results and your crazy Spinner adventures with our community.

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