Warm Winter: Redscale Technique with the Lomo LC-A+ in Sheregesh


Much of the world is currently experiencing frigid temperatures and snowy days. For some of these people, they miss the warm stroke of the sun as they stroll outside. Even shooting in the winter the photos can turn out looking much cooler. Lomographer @gleby tries to bring that warmth back by using the redscale technique along with his trusty LC-A+ during a vacation to Sheregesh. We take a look at how he combines the icy landscapes of this ski resort with the warm tones of a DIY redscale.

Credits: gleby

Sheregesh is located in the southern part of Russia in the Tashtagol District of Kemerovo Oblast. Known as the Winter Capital of Siberia, the growing ski-resort town has over 65 hotels that house the influx of tourists during the winter season. Famous for having some of the best snow in the world, people come as early as November to partake in winter sports.

Credits: gleby

Redscale is a technique where you reverse the film, which means the "wrong" side of the film is exposed. The usual process of shooting film involves the blue, green and then red layers of the film being exposed, but through reversing the red layer gets exposed first which tends to have a strong effect on the rest of the film. This technique has been around since the early stages of film photography but as an intentional and aesthetic decision it has been gaining popularity in recent years. Redscale can also be difficult to pull off as a DIY technique, which is why Lomography has developed its own ready to shoot version.

Following rule #1 of Lomography, "take your camera everywhere you go", @gleby uses the Lomo LC-A+ to capture the different scenes of the famous winter destination. Though @gleby talks about how he didn't expose the shots properly, you can see how the camera can still take the viewers to see the different sides of Sheregresh. The juxtaposition of using a technique mostly known for being fiery presents an unexpected take on a usually glacial scene. With each photo getting mixes of the signature reds, oranges, and yellows it transforms these frozen landscapes.

Credits: gleby

We thank @gleby for sharing his photos and you can take a look at his work here. Have you ever tried using the redscale technique? Let us know down below.

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