Parties, Pumpkins and Frightening Faces – Halloween with a Fisheye Camera


A Halloween favorite from the community is the Fisheye camera. Whatever you choose, from the sleek Fisheye Baby 110 to the Fisheye No.2, it fits the theme perfectly with its distorted optics.

What's better than capturing a scared face on a bubble frame? When you head out to trick-or-treat this year, make sure to have one of these cameras with you.

Credits: ehmahh, riiio & 1conocla5t

The small size of the Fisheye Baby 110 makes it perfect for a Halloween night out. So compact and easy to use, this camera will be ready to capture any moment. It's so tiny that no one will even notice it's in your hands, making it perfect for catching a scary moment.

Embrace the grain that comes from such a small size film and have fun creating out-of-this-world pictures. Grab a Peacock Slide 110 ISO 200 or any 110 film and simply start shooting.

Credits: film-eli, irbypace, johnccc, squiggle23 & npyskater

We can't wait to see your latest Lomographic endeavors when you upload your pictures to our community.

Have you ever tried a Fisheye camera? What is your favorite 110 film? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

written by eparrino on 2022-10-29 #gear #halloween #110-film #fisheye-baby

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