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Some kilometers away from Jaca, my hometown, in the Pyrenees, there is a small village called Lastiesas Altas, but it is not an ordinary village, as it has a beautiful rural cottage and a peaceful and lovely vegetarian restaurant, perfect to get lost for a while

On our way from Jaca to Lastiesas we can enjoy the view, as the road passes through the green fields and other tiny villages surrounded by the mountains, so typical around here. When you arrive to the village, nowadays consisting just on two houses, you can observe the whole valley to the South and the snowy mountains to the North.

The old cottage is the typical building here, in the Pyrenees: thick stone walls, small windows and slate roof but it is completely restored and surrounded by aromatic plants which they use for cooking. The indoor decoration is completely surprising, a mixture of relics that probably were left by the first owners of the house, holiday souvenirs and Tibetan objects since, in the beginning, this house was meant to be a meditation center.

The restaurant is small and the menu, consisting on three courses and a dessert, is the same for everyone, a mix of homemade food and original recipes. We had pumpkin cream, salad, vegetables soufflé and a pudding made of bread and nuts, delicious!!

But for me, the best thing is the back garden between the house and a field full of flowers. The current owners built stone benches and placed really comfortable cushions making it the ideal place to relax while drinking some tea and sunbathing. When you close your eyes and breathe the mountain fresh air is when you understand why this place was originally designed for meditation and relaxing.

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