Diane Sagnier’s First Impressions of the LomoApparat


We entrusted one of the first prototypes of the LomoApparat to a long-time LomoAmigo and great fan of Lomography cameras, Diane Sagnier. The French photographer always likes to have a small point-and-shoot camera, like the LomoApparat, with her. She says it's like "a daily companion to capture her everyday memories". Diane especially liked the creative features of our new film camera such as the color filters or the possibility to do multiple exposures. These features are not found on the compact cameras she usually uses and allowed her to experiment easily.

Photos taken by Diane Sagnier with the LomoApparat and the Lomography Redscale XR 35 mm film. Model: Yasmine Baiou.

Hello Diane, we are glad to welcome you back to Lomography Magazine. What have been your latest projects?

Hello Lomo community! Well, I'm continuing my little path as a multidisciplinary artist: shooting and filming musicians and personalities that inspire me, working on arty fashion series!

I think the latest project that I'm most proud of is the video for Paris by the Bad Pelicans. I shot and edited the whole thing, it was so cool working with them and the track is mythical!

I worked on the last images (which will be released soon) for my musician friend Yasmine Baiou, you can see some images shot with the LomoApparat of this series in this article, I'm overwhelmed by this beautiful and unexpected rendering!

I love the campaign for the brand Avellano shot in digital and film, it's so beautiful!

I also did a co-op with 3D artist Ines Alpha for her press photos that take us into her universe. She added 3D to our images and it looks so good!

In parallel, I released an EP that I produced as a solo artist. Don't hesitate to check it out. It's called Born Warm and I'm super excited for the next shows! You can check out the video for "Weirdo" here and stream the EP here. I also finished the third album with my band Camp Claude and I can't wait to announce the release!

Photos taken by Diane Sagnier with the LomoApparat and the Lomography Redscale XR 35 mm film and Lomography Color Negative 400 ISO 35 mm film.

What were your first impressions when you received the LomoApparat?

I found it great to be able to test a small point-and-shoot that allows you to make multiple exposures directly on the photo you just took and especially to flash in different colors! I sometimes put small filters on the flash of my usual point-and-shoot, or sometime I re-expose a film already shot, but here, no need to tinker!

Photos taken by Diane Sagnier with the LomoApparat and the Lomography Color Negative 400 ISO 35 mm film. Model: Yasmine Baiou.

What was the feature you liked the most? Have you tried the camera's accessories (close-up lens, flash filters, bulb mode and MX)?

In addition to the multiple exposure feature and the color filters for the flash, I loved the ease of use of this camera! And of course the slightly "damaged" rendering that the Lomo plastic lenses allow, it adds roughness and small defects to the images (slight haze and a slight distortion too). It gives texture, personality, a retro effect that is difficult to recreate with modern cameras, let alone digital ones.

I tested the multiple exposure and the flash filters a lot, which I love. Unfortunately I didn't have access to the close-up lens on the test model.

Photos taken by Diane Sagnier with the LomoApparat and the Lomography Redscale XR 35 mm film. Model: Yasmine Baiou.

What kind of photography do you think this camera is suitable for? Personally, when would you use it?

I always walk around on vacation or at events with a point-and-shoot on me. I can see myself taking it with me on a night out or on a trip, it fits easily into a small bag or a large pocket. An everyday companion to capture your everyday memories. I can also see myself using it for shooting editorials with musicians. I love this type of texture for music artworks, it always gives a little extra atmosphere, less slick and more melancholic/retro. I love being able to give texture to these types of projects if they correspond to this kind of aesthetics. The camera is worthy of psychedelic rock!

Photos taken by Diane Sagnier with the LomoApparat and the Lomography Redscale XR 35 mm film and Lomography Color Negative 400 ISO 35 mm film. Gigs: Armand Butheel at De Fortune festival and Polycool at GlouGlou Festival.

What does it mean to you to see the release of new film cameras in 2022?

I am delighted! The arrival of new creative tools is always welcome and especially when it is also adapted to my needs. I am very fond of point-and-shoot film cameras because I use them a lot and I am always surprised and curious about all these new features that modern technologies bring to cameras considered retro! And I love the Lomo products for the roughness and the fun they bring, I can't get enough of them! Thanks for letting me test the LomoApparat!

Thank you Diane! You can find the photographer's work on her website and on her Instagram accounts @dianesagnier and @dianesagnier_portfolio.

The brand new LomoApparat is available on our Online Shop.

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