Lomography Pioneers: A Slice Of Life With @CCWU


Shooting some of Lomography's most iconic photos, being a master of the Lomo LC-A+, tester of many Lomography cameras, and a photographer who is not bound to any genre, we take a look at the photos and work of one of the most influential Lomographers – @CCWU.

Credits: ccwu

@CCWU started photography in 2010 and joined the Lomography community around the same time. In an interview from 2012, he said that he found out about the community because his girlfriend bought him a Diana F+, which led him to discover the whole world of Lomography and the Lomographers who keep the community active and creative.

Credits: ccwu

@CCWU's style of photography is very "slice of life", despite not sticking to one genre. Famous for his style of portrait photography, his connection with his subjects, who are mostly his friends, makes each photo intimate. His portrait photos show tales of friendship and intimacy and he's able display these emotions through his photos.

Credits: ccwu

His naturalistic style can be seen beyond his portraits. From film swaps with fellow Lomographers to candid long exposures of cities, @CCWU's photography shows how well connected he is not just with the cities he travels to but with the community.

Credits: ccwu

@CCWU is no doubt a master of the iconic Lomo LC-A+. This artcile written in 2017 talking about some of the community's best LC-A+ users, tells us he "is a master when it comes to bringing attention to his subjects. Not only does he frame his photographs well, but he also introduces a creative play on colors that brings out the best in his images. From subdued hues to bold colors, he surely knows his way around the color spectrum."

@CCWU also wrote one of the most useful tips when using the LC-A+. By changing the ISO for specific shots in a roll, the user can allow more or less light in the picture to achieve particular looks and effects. Though this tip is straightforward, it showed how @CCWU took the time to know the ins and out of the camera.

Credits: ccwu

Beyond the LC-A+, he has accumulated many cameras, especially from Lomography such as the Sprocket Rocket, Horizon Perfekt, Spinner 360, LC-Wide, and LomoKino among others. He was a tester for the La Sardina and has also used lenses like the Petzval.

Credits: ccwu

Over the years @CCWU has shot some of the most recognizable and iconic photos associated with Lomography. Whether it was shot on the LC-A+, Horizon Perfekt, La Sardina or any camera, @CCWU's pictures are always uniquely his and unforgettable.

Credits: ccwu

@CCWU has been away from the community for a while, with his most recent photo being a snap from Cuba with his Contax G2. He still is an avid photographer with an even bigger collection of cameras since he started almost a decade ago. He still likes to travel and he has new hobbies such as fashion and coffee. You can catch up with him and check how he's been doing on his Instagram. We thank you @CCWU for your photos and we hope to see you post again soon!

Here's a snippet from an interview with him in 2013:

Lomography is definitely an important part of my life, it is also the website that I enjoy everyday! It has changed my lifestyle, and I get to fall in love with photography more and more. I have met a lot of friends here and this website also helps me enhance my skills. And many of the films and cameras I own were bought from this website.
Credits: ccwu

Lomography Pioneers is an ongoing tribute to our earliest community members, whose stories and photographs helped shape our thriving online community into what it is today—diverse, creative, and inspiring. See the Lomographers we've featured so far!

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