Tipster: How to Get Funky Colors With The New LomoApparat


Character is something unique to all of us. There are many ways that we can express our particular tastes. Choosing a color gel is not so different from dressing up in the morning. The feelings that colors spark are particular according to how we feel that day.

Moreover, colors can help you improve your emotional state. They act on your body, each of them in their own way, stimulating your feelings. Let's make the most out of this; why not make colors the strongest feature in our photos?

Photos by Elisa Parrino

The Slider

The LomoApparat features a slider with windows for colored gels. In your packaging, there are five colors you can interchange. Today we want to give you even more possibilities by mixing and matching the colors to make new hues.

Let's go beyond a solid color and try to blend two gels. It will give you a fantastic new effect. The colors smoothly transition between one another to form rays of colorful and fantasy-like gradients.

How To

To achieve this magical effect it's very simple:

Take the gels, and cut them into rectangles or triangles to create a horizontal gradient or a diagonal one. Then insert them in the windows.

In the eventuality that you were a little clumsy and failed to cut the gels the right size, you can always just stick them with transparent tape in front of your flash. Now it's time to head out and have some fun!

Photos by Elisa Parrino

The possibilities are as many as the color gels you have in your pocket. If you have some filters left over from the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera, you could use some of those to mix and match even more colors.

If you have a basic notion of color theory, you know the basic primary colors and the secondary ones. The latter will appear when two of the primaries mixed together. Try as many as you like. Whatever suits you that day, go for it! Just remember that the sum of all the colors is equal to black.

There is something special and unique about color gels. They will spice up your pictures and allow you to be the unique creator that you are.

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  1. klawe
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    Good idea, to cut the gels from the flash!

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    eparrino ·

    @klawe ;)

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