Pairing the Splitzer With the LomoApparat

With the amount of creativity the Splitzer inspires, it’s truly the accessory that you want to take anywhere with you. Whatever the backdrop and subject is, with the Splitzer you're able to step out of reality and see the world altered to your liking.

And with Lomography's new 35 mm, experimental and easy-to-shoot camera, the LomoApparat, you’ll find many fun ways to slice and dice to your heart's content! Here's a quick guide and a few tips for using the Splitzer with the LomoApparat.

Photo Credits: Right - photo by Amp Puttipong, remaining photos by Lomography

The Splitzer goes especially well with architecture for that distorted reality look reminiscent of the movie Inception, but you can also play around with any different subjects and angles to create fascinating images.

It works alongside the LomoApparat's multiple exposure function. Simply twist the Splitzer's blade to conceal a portion of the image, snap your photo, click the multiple exposure button, then twist the blade in another direction and take another photo. The scene won't be visible from the viewfinder with the Splitzer attached so do consider this when composing your shots.

As well as pairing the Splitzer with the LomoApparat's 21 mm wide-angle lens, you can get endlessly creative and combine it with the flash’s interchangeable colored gel filters.

ⓒ Lomography

We hope this Splitzer guide for the LomoApparat helps you!

Visit the Lomography Store to order the LomoApparat. Also check out our guides for using the kaleidoscope lens, close up lens, built-in flash and interchangeable color filter slider with the LomoApparat through the links provided.

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