Get Closer... And Closer! Candid Close-ups with the LomoApparat

Tired of being stuck in a creative rut? Say no more. The all-new LomoApparat 21 mm Wide-Angle Camera is here to help you lift the cap on your creative potential.

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Lomography's all-new wide-angle camera will be your guide to a totally fun and experimental analogue life. It's packed with creative features so you don't have to feel limited to shooting just ordinary shots. The LomoApparat can fill the frame with its 21 mm wide-angle lens with ease and make quick work of low-light conditions with its automatic flash setting. Not only that, the LomoApparat comes with a variety of attachments that will take your creativity to new heights.

Close-ups are a breeze with the LomoApparat's close-up lens attachment. Get intimate with your subjects as you snap away at fun-filled parties and photo walks. The trick is to get closer... and closer! All that and more is possible with the new LomoApparat.

© Lomography

Take a cue from these wide and wacky close-ups taken with the LomoApparat. You can combine the lens attachment with other creative features like the colored flash and multiple exposure switch for more creative shots! Experiment to your heart's content anytime, anywhere, with the LomoApparat!

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Meet the LomoApparat, the totally EXPERIMENTAL, incredibly WIDE and super EASY TO USE 35 mm film camera with a 21 mm wide-angle lens!

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