Capturing It All With the LomoApparat

It's crazy to think that a compact 35 mm camera can fit so much in one shot. Well, that's the beauty of Lomography's latest offering to the film world, the LomoApparat. With a focal length of 21 mm and an aperture of F/10, this easy-to-carry camera can capture everything with a push of a button.

Photo Credits: Bottom left by Sissi Lu, Bottom right by Remaining photos by Lomography.

As someone who's used to having a wide lens, this camera is great for packing everything in your frame. You don't have to just think about capturing your main subject, the wide lens will allow you to include a lot of background details, making it a fun experience when framing shots.

Photo Credits: Middle right photo by Michael Rapp. Remaining photos by Lomography.

For those who like to explore, the 21 mm lens is suited to capture every type of environment. The F/10 aperture makes sure that it will be great for including everything you see in the viewfinder. From lazy days at the beach to catching golden hour as it hits the skyscrapers downtown, to venturing into quieter parts of the country – the LomoApparat is ready to capture all your memories in every photo.

Photo Credits: Top left, top right and bottom left images by Ming Lee. Bottom Right by Sissi Lu. Bottom middle by Lomography.

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