Shades and Contrast — @shoao Shoots With the Babylon and Fantôme Kino

The Babylon Kino B&W ISO 13 and Fantôme Kino B&W ISO 8, produce different but equally fantastic results under the right shooting conditions. Take a cue from community member @shoao with this beautiful showcase of both films.

Taken with the Fantôme Kino

João Oliveira is a Brazilian copywriter/photographer currently based in Argentina. These shots were taken from his album and entirely shot on Babylon and Fantôme Kino films. Tour the beautiful streets of Buenos Aires and see the different sights in classic black-and-white.

On one hand, you get the sharp contrast from the Fantôme Kino, the deep blacks and stark whites work together to give you a monochrome view of a sunny day in Argentina. The richness is undeniable and you can tell that João truly fine-tuned his shots before he took them.

Taken with the Babylon Kino

On the other, you see the dynamic range of the Babylon Kino in full display. The shades of gray set the backdrop for moody scenes, giving us a whole different approach to B&W photography. You can almost feel the texture of the subjects just by looking at the pictures. What a great way to juxtapose the different qualities of both black-and-white films.

You just don't get such mesmerizing shots by accident. You have to work for them. That is why we tip our hats to João for such a job well done. We can already imagine him planning the shots beforehand. Playing with such low-ISO films is a challenge and he made it look effortless. Just tremendous.

We would like to thank João for sharing these images with the community. Follow him on his LomoHome and Instagram to see more of his work.

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