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Our community is home to many talents and creatives who keep on pushing their creativity to the limit. If you dig deep enough, you're going to find photos that will elicit a feeling, provoke a thought, plant an idea, or simply amaze and put you in awe. Community member @sylvestre_le_chat has a handful of those photos in his album aptly titled Conceptual.

Credits: sylvestre_le_chat

Conceptual photography is the art of capturing images that illustrate an idea. Some would say that the idea is more important than the actual image itself but an argument can be made that the image is equally important. After all, the medium that drives the idea home is crucial—the way it is exercised and the effect it has in making the viewers grasp the message.

The work of Sylvestre proves that point. His images are carefully composed and delicately staged in order to build up the concept behind them. They are more like constructions in visual form rather than lucky effects captured on film. The clarity with which Sylvestre is able to transfer the images in his mind into the frame is nothing short of remarkable.

Credits: sylvestre_le_chat

One of the most striking images in this album is called The Passage. It is a photo of a man lying in bed while the floor beneath him appears to be a pool with reeds jutting out in the opposite direction. The man's hand is dipping into the pool, creating a ripple effect on the surface. It's a wonderful example of how photography can transform two entirely separate scenes and blend them into something thought-provoking.

You can see the skill and the thought poured into that one image alone. The strength is not merely in the idea, though. Sylvestre managed to capture that particular shot with a homemade Splitzer that he fashioned out of a piece of plastic. The follow-through, in this case, was equally important as the concept. Without both, it wouldn't have been as visually arresting.

Credits: sylvestre_le_chat

Apart from the album's identifiable ties to conceptual photography, surrealist traits can be distinguished in some of the images as well. In its essence, surrealism is the absence of control. It is unbound by form or structure—a form of liberation through artistic expression. Some of Sylvestre's images are dreamlike in nature. He manages to transcend that barrier of the subconscious and create images that represent that to-and-fro between reality and the imagined.

As members of the community, we greatly appreciate the effort and artistic touch that Sylvestre puts into his work. If we could make one wish, it would be to see him create more of his dreamlike work.

Follow @sylvestre_le_chat at his LomoHome to see his other work.

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    great idea and place but at some photo still not yet neat multiple exposure

  2. agrimony
    agrimony ·

    very artistic images! thanks for sharing!

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