Tipster: Bleaching Instax Film


It is common knowledge that Instax Film is quite a sturdy product. It has a different substance to a Polaroid and to manipulate the film is a laborious task. But one thing is certain: we never let go of our curiosity nor our determination. We have kept exploring the realm of analogue experimentation on Instax film. That's how we stumbled upon this discovery quite unexpectedly, while working on another tipster.

To alter Instax, there are various techniques used: painting, composing a mosaic, cutting it, scratching it, or making it transparent. Nonetheless, whatever chemical manipulation we try, it turns out to be quite challenging to find a substance that can easily affect the image.

Not discouraged by the challenge, we kept experimenting and found that bleach can create patterns on an overexposed frame. This is the perfect tipster to try with all those missed shots lost to the photographer's unexpected dismay.

What You'll Need:

  • A cleaning product containing bleach
  • Gloves
  • Water
  • Stanley knife

First of all, make sure that you are in a well ventilated area. Some products must be handled with care. Make sure to wear gloves as bleach is a toxic substance for our skin.

Step 1, step 2

First, cut the back of your print and peel off the protective layer. Make sure to apply a light cut. Now you can proceed and spray on the emulsions. The way you will apply the bleach will result in different patterns.

The stronger the substance is, the more acidic it is, and the faster it will dissolve. With standard household products, due to the nature of this film, the effect on your print will take some time. So be patient.

After you have achieved your desired effects, wash the prints thoroughly with water. If the washing is not properly done, bleach will keep acting on the emulsion. Unless this is a desired action of course. Ultimately it is about experimenting and observing possibilities that were previously unknown.

There is something particularly exciting when we find a new technique to add to our toolkit that will unleash our potential. Give a new life to things that were lost or simply forgotten, to make the most out of any photograph.

What is your favorite Instax manipulation technique? Share your experimental project with our community and tell us about your experience in the comments below.

written by eparrino on 2022-11-22 #tutorials #videos #experimental #instax #tipster #instant-film #community #bleach


  1. agrimony
    agrimony ·

    thanks for the tip! I just tried it on some of my instant photos and am still waiting for the results. I'm curious to see how they turn out! :-)

  2. eparrino
    eparrino ·

    😍 Can't wait to see the result! @agrimony
    I also wonder if different brands of bleach will produce different results.. Keep me posted

  3. agrimony
    agrimony ·

    @eparrino me too - that's why i have tried three different brands - i wonder why i have so many of them :-D. I'll let you know if there is a difference!

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