Francesca Bianchi's First Impressions of the LomoApparat

Italian photographer Francesca Bianchi, after mesmerizing us with her photos on Lomography films, is back in our Online Magazine with some previously unreleased photos taken with a prototype of our brand new point-and-shoot wide angle camera, the LomoApparat. Due to the camera being a prototype there were a few unexpected light leaks in these photos, however it didn’t stop Francesca from capturing some fun summer vibes. Check out her first impressions.

© Francesca Bianchi

Hi Francesca, welcome back to our Online Magazine! Please share with us your first impressions when you received the camera.

Once in my hands, the first thing that struck me was its lightness. This was a real surprise to me, given the heaviness of old camera bodies that often force me not to carry anything with me, especially when travelling.

What was the feature you liked the most?

Undoubtedly the lens that manages to embrace the subject and the landscape around it. The compositions it allows you to create are much more complete and harmonious and it doesn't force you to move too far away from the subject. It has allowed me to experiment a lot.

© Francesca Bianchi

Have you tried the camera's accessories (Close up lens, flash filters, bulb mode and MX?)

Honestly no, shooting during my test was so pleasant and spontaneous that the film finished before I realized it. But frankly I can't wait to try them out when I get my own.

Tell us about this series made with our brand new camera.

I spent a day with my dear friends from Lyon, Emile and Marguerite, and my sister Elena. I wanted to bring back the serenity of this meeting, the harmony with the context, the happiness of that day. That's why having a lens that allowed me to also include the context and not limit myself to the portrait was paramount.

© Francesca Bianchi

For what kind of photography do you think this camera is suitable? Personally, when would you use it?

I would like to take it with me on trips. I find it perfect for street photography because of its wide lens.

What does it mean to you to see the release of new film cameras in 2022?

It is a beautiful event. The analogue world is evolving with amazing results, it is not a static world at all. I think it's a great message of counter-trend in a world that focuses on 'everything and now.' Having new tools to help you tell your story and to teach you the value of waiting has an extraordinary value.

© Francesca Bianchi

Check out Francesca' works on her Instagram profile. Visit the Lomography Store to order the LomoApparat.

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