LomoWalk Metropolis X Minneapolis

Just in time to celebrate the end of summer and autumn rolling in, we recently held LomoWalk Metropolis: Minneapolis. The September event was hosted by our Lomography team with support from Thom Abbott and Fast Foto Film Lab. Being our last LomoWalk Metropolis destination of the season, the community did not disappoint with over 60 sign ups!

Let's take a look at the photowalk through the point of view of the participating photographers...

Photos by Joshua Kline
Photos by Walt Polley

"My favorite moment was getting out to walk and talk and share thoughts and ideas with other film photographers for several hours. And also trying out some inspirations that bubbled up from sidewalk conversations. There is a small, but dedicated hard core group of film photographers in the Twin Cities. Getting together and sharing ideas, successes, failures, discussing equipment, becoming inspired by fresh thoughts and insights are key moments when we gather. Time with a film camera and like-minded photographers is exciting and refreshing."
- Walt Polley

Photos by César Honorio-Arroyo

"My favorite moment at LomoWalk Minneapolis was meeting new people from all over the place that share the same love for photography and film. Kind of what happened when we found out Emile from the Lomography team knows my friend Ricardo in Peru"
- César Honorio-Arroyo

Photos by Kelly Pearson
Photos by Bjorn Berg
Photos by Nathan Trimbach

"I love going to film photo meetups and photo walks because it's great to meet so many different types of people and especially of all ages sharing their passion and art with those around. It's great to both see all the different types of cameras and formats that people shoot on as well as getting to know what excites each person about film photography since there are so many different applications and styles. Sure Instagram, TikTok and YouTube are great for learning and seeing other work but nothing beats meeting people in person face to face."
- Nathan Trimbach

Photos by Bonni Walquist

"Even though I have been shooting film for years, this was my first meetup. I was apprehensive, but everyone was warm and inviting. My favorite part was seeing the wide range of cameras that were brought and listening to their owners tell stories about them. I grew up in Minneapolis but am freshly back after 15+ years away. It was really great to step into the film community and feel so welcomed in a city I love so dearly."
-Bonni Walquist

We hope everybody who participated had a fun, film filled day! Once again, special thanks to Thom Abbott and Fast Foto Film Lab for making this event happen.

If you missed the walk, stay connected with us by checking our Calendar for upcoming events!

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LomoChrome Metropolis 35 mm ISO 100–400

This film comes with a unique chemical formula specifically developed in our Lomography film manufactory, which desaturates colors, mutes tones and makes contrasts pop.

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