First Impressions of the LomoApparat by Marta Pilotto

Barcelona-based photographer Marta Pilotto, after mesmerizing us with her fashion photos on Lomography experimental films, is back in our Online Magazine with some previously unreleased photos taken with a prototype of our brand new point-and-shoot camera, the LomoApparat. Check out her first impressions.

© Marta Pilotto

Hi Marta! Welcome back to our online magazine! Please tell us the feature you liked most about our new camera, the LomoApparat.

Perhaps it was the lightness that I liked the most. I didn't even feel like I was shooting.

How did you get along playing with the three lens attachments and the experimental features?

I only got to try out the close up lens for timing reasons. Having brought the camera to a fashion job I was on a tight schedule and couldn't 'enjoy' it fully...too bad!

© Marta Pilotto

Please tell us about the photos you took with the camera

As mentioned, I brought it along to a fashion shoot, curious about what might come out of it.

Where would you take this camera?

I would keep it as a fixed presence in my backpack even for a trivial walk where you would never take your camera. I would use it in everyday life. In a city like Barcelona, even a simple trip to the supermarket can give you excitement, and I am not kidding!

© Marta Pilotto

I remember one afternoon stopping for a good ten minutes in front of a wall because I liked the shadows that the branches of the tree in front of me were casting. I am very attracted to small things, and I think that always having a camera like that in your bag could replace the camera on your phone.

What does it mean to you, to see new film cameras being released in 2022?

It only means one thing: analogue resistance!

© Marta Pilotto

To see more of Marta's work visit her Instagram page.

Model & Stylist: Oceane Mineo
Makeup Artist: Lucia Neri Damboriano
Fashion Press: Marc Juan Comunicación

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