"Sensation" by Anne-Fleur Sire with the LomoChrome Purple 2021 Pétillant

As a big fan of analogue experiments, French photographer Anne-Fleur Sire particularly appreciates our LomoChrome films and it is for that reason that we entrusted her with a roll of the new 2021 formula of the LomoChrome Purple Pétillant. With this emulsion, Anne-Fleur created a series of bewitching portraits with transformed tints.

Photos taken by Anne-Fleur Sire with the LomoChrome Purple 2021 Pétillant. Model : Sophie Armery.

Hello Anne-Fleur, you had the opportunity to test the new formula of our LomoChrome Purple Pétillant film. Can you tell us what you thought of it? What does the use of LomoChrome films bring to you compared to the use of classic color negatives?

Hello Lomography! As I already knew the LomoChrome Purple, I wanted to exploit the softness of flesh tones and its brightness. I was not disappointed! It is always a surprise to see what the film allows: the creation of a dreamy and soft universe without having to use many subterfuges. The new version allowed me to keep a better rendering of the modeling and shadows.

I particularly appreciate films with powerful results, whether it is thanks to expired films or LomoChrome films. I see them as playful constraints, we can choose to either construct our whole photoshoot with the identity of the film in mind, or not at all. The LomoChrome film’s range leaves greater space for the unexpected. Analogue photography has its setbacks and surprises, and the experimental side of LomoChrome makes it possible, in my opinion, to seize and appreciate these surprises. In my work, I appreciate them even more because they allow me to create something different.

Photos taken by Anne-Fleur Sire with the LomoChrome Purple 2021 Pétillant. Model : Sophie Armery.

Can you tell us more about your photos taken with the new formula? Do you have a favorite photo and why?

In this series with Sophie, I tried to emphasize the intimate and soft side that this film can allow. I also had in mind the first series [Article in French] that I did with a LomoChrome Purple where I loved the metallic and magnetic rendering. So I was inspired by this series to work as much on the proximity with the model, the blurs and the iridescent colors. I wondered what would happen with iridescent powder on the skin, if the film would reinforce this impression and if so, how.

I chose to do a bit more classic portraits, not wanting to overload the images. Below are my two favorite pictures. I have to admit I can't decide between these two. The first one is perfect for me as far as the amount of blur and sharpness is concerned, it's enigmatic and I love those pastel colors, in short it's just what I was looking for during this shoot. The second one, more classic, is one of my favorites as well because I love her soft expression and the metallic details of the powder on the fingers and eyes. The film enhances the glow of the skin.

Photos taken by Anne-Fleur Sire with the LomoChrome Purple 2021 Pétillant. Model : Sophie Armery.

You specialize in portraiture. What do you like in this type of photography?

When taking portraits, there's a connection to the model which is very beautiful and which brings together trust, consent and play. The most beautiful portraits are those, in my opinion, where the photographer and the model are in harmony. It's a balancing act between the emotions that the photographer wants to show and what the model lets show.

I particularly pay attention to the place I give to the model. I don't want to make them an object, I want them to reveal their emotions and their beauty and that's where it becomes intimate. I like the empathy it takes to do that, it's not an easy exercise but it's the place where I feel like I accept the most what the person I'm photographing is. More than the act, it is the moment of shooting that is important, what a pleasure when the people I take pictures of tell me that they had a good time and that they felt accepted as they are, never forced, where the limits are respected.

Photos taken by Anne-Fleur Sire with the LomoChrome Purple 2021 Pétillant. Model : Sophie Armery.

Let's get technical. With which camera did you use the film? And did you experiment with its extended ISO range?

I used a Nikon FM2 and a 50 mm 1.8 lens, allowing me the flexibility I like to have in shooting. I usually use the LomoChrome film at ISO 400, I like natural and low light, ISO 400 allows me to be versatile.

If you had to sum up your experience with the LomoChrome Purple Pétillant in three words, what would they be?

Easy, unsettling, fun.

Do you have any tips to share on how to shoot portraits with this film?

It is necessary to favor soft lights in order not to be confronted with overwhelming contrast and to find a skin texture.

If you want to see more photos taken by Anne-Fleur Sire, you can discover her universe on Instagram or Flickr.

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