Halloween Spirit: Costumes on Film

From the traditional horror and ghostly figures to pop culture and self-creations, Halloween is always a holiday for self-expression. With the spookiest season fast approaching we look back at how Lomographers dressed up on past Halloweens to give ideas for this year's festivities.

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The Original

The Celtic Pagan Holiday of Samhain is known to be the precursor to what we now know as Halloween. Emphasizing the start of the colder and darker season in the British Isles, the Celts believed that the world of the gods and the supernatural opened up to the human world. To hide themselves from these spirits the Celts would wear "disguises." The tradition of dressing up continued through the centuries even when Christians adopted the pagan holiday to what we now know as Halloween. From the original Pagan Holiday up until the early 20th century, costumes mainly focused on traditional folklore, the supernatural, and even religion.

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Horror Movies

With the rise of Halloween as a global holiday horror movies during October became a yearly staple. From slasher thrillers to movies about demonic possessions, the horror genre exploded with all kinds of interpretations and an abundance of unique characters to dress up as.

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Pop Culture

During the 30s non-horror costumes became noticeable for the Halloween season. Movies and television played a role in the popularity of more diverse costumes with people wanting to dress up as their favorite characters. In the coming years, characters from other mediums like video games and anime increased in popularity during Halloween festivities. With pop culture costumes, you can anticipate what possible Halloween costume will be the most common for the year. One example was Money Heist in 2019 due to the popularity and success of the series.

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A Mix Of Everything

Halloween ideas nowadays can just be anything. From creating your own horror concept or doing something classic with a twist, the possibilities are endless and there is always a chance to bring something new to the table.

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We thank the wonderful Lomography Community for their lovely pictures. With Halloween around the corner do you know what you're going to be dressing up as? Share your costumes down below and message me @rocket_fries0036 for any Halloween stories you want to share.

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