Recap: The Modernist La Sardina Lomowalk


The Modernist is a magazine, shop and gallery space in the heart of Manchester which specialises in architecture and design. We teamed up with them for a La Sardina Lomowalk with Stephen Marland who showed us some of the most interesting brutalist buildings around central Manchester.

We showed them how to shoot with the La Sardina camera and how to create double exposures too. Each participant recieived a roll of Lomography CN 400 35 mm film which was then processd thanks to Come Through Lab. We talked to some of the participants who took part to find out how they got on.

Photos by ms moll

I used to play with film quite a lot (including dark room stuff), but had got out of the habit - the Lomowalk was a great way to get me started again, and a chance to try a camera I hadn't tried before. I'm a member of the Modernist Society and so love their mooches, so combining it with a great fun camera was perfect. Since the walk I've dug out my old cameras (I have an Action Sampler and a Holga), and i'm really enjoying the results.

Photos 1 & 2 by Aleks Kocan Photos 3-8 by Joanna Hayes

I love the surprise of not knowing what you'll get, and the wait for processing adds to this! I'm especially pleased with the double exposures (and the Lomo's ability to do this makes me love them even more!), I usually shoot black and white so I'm also pleased with the colour of the shots. - ms moll

Photos by Andrew Moorhouse

To find out more about The Modernist, visit their Instagram page and to find out about future Lomography events near you, visit our events page.

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  1. gippo
    gippo ·

    very nice!

  2. gergelyhando
    gergelyhando ·

    It's been a long time since I used my La Sardina. Tomorrow I'll fill it with a roll of Lomo 400 and let it play. ::))

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