First Impressions of the LomoApparat by Tommaso Carrara

UK-based street photographer Tommaso Carrara takes a relaxed and care-free approach to photography. He doesn't think to much about the results of his photos and just enjoys capturing any given moment. It is through this laissez fair approach to photography that he is able to capture some candid moments and is the reason why we sent him one of the very first prorotypes of the new LomoApparat to test out on the streets of London and Southend-on-Sea.

Photos by Tommaso Carrara

What were your first impressions upon receiving the camera?

At first it really seemed very fragile, but, after shooting the camera my initial impressions really changed. The only thing is it was not super clear to me how to set the shutter to avoid bulb, but I guess this will be taken care of later with stickers.

What's the feature you liked most?

Definitely the double exposure feature allows for many creative shooting possibilites, and it is simple enough to activate it.

Photos by Tommaso Carrara

Please tell us about the photos you took with the camera

I took the photos in London and Southend-on-Sea during the past weekend. Shooting with such a simple camera is, to some extent liberating, as you do not have to worry about anything else than framing basically. I focussed on candid shots and I think the way the camera looks also helped me not getting noticed by most of the people. I also took some double exposures, when I was at the Theme Park, and I think they came out pretty nicely.

Photos by Tommaso Carrara

Where would you take this camera?

I would take this camera pretty much everywhere as it really does not require too much care or planning.

Also, considering the price the camera will be sold at, as a owner I would tend to use it in a variety of contexts without worrying too much.

Photos by Tommaso Carrara

What does it mean to you to see new film cameras being released in 2022?

As a film shooter, this is a very good thing for sure. Maybe this represents an opportunity for Lomography to target a subset of users introducing some new features?

To see more of Tommaso's work visit his Instagram page.

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