Postcard Snaps — a Photo Gallery by Maurice Lai

Remember postcards from relatives or friends who would write to you during their travels? How about travel guides that give you a tour of different countries? That's precisely what we think of when we take a look at the travel photos of Maurice Lai (@s4a16q67.)

Credits: s4a16q67

Photography and travel go really well together. It's like a match made in heaven, especially if you like sharing your experiences with like-minded people. Sometimes travelling without taking pictures just feels incomplete. Maurice is an avid photographer and traveller who likes to capture different scenes when they're out and about. While travel shots are not entirely new to us here in the community, it's always fun to see where people's journeys take them. There's a sense of curiosity in their photos and we can't help but wonder where they'll end up next.

Credits: s4a16q67

Some of Maurice's photographs shown here have been taken around London, Sweden, Denmark, and Hong Kong. It's easy to focus on the interesting and beautiful scenery that Maurice captured on film but let's all take a moment to recognize the skillful camera work and framing behind the photos. After all, it can be all too easy to get lost in the moment and forget you have your camera with you. Thankfully, Maurice doesn't seem to have this problem and is able to share these wonderful snaps with the community.

Parting shot | As we are all photography lovers here in the community, it would be remiss of us not to show you this picture. How cool is this camera wall?

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