Dreamy Adventures with the La Sardina


@M_ZERTUCHE went on an out-of-town trip for her friend's birthday to Mexiquillo in the Sierra de Durango natural reservoir. Bringing her La Sardina with her, she documented her friend's birthday celebration with a roll of expired film as they explored the vast virgin forests, waterfalls, and rock formations.

The air smells like pine trees and at night you can see the whole sky perfectly.
Credits: m_zertuche

The first time I saw the photos they reminded me of old postcards from the 50 and 60s that you could find at random stopovers while travelling cross country in North America. The washed-out and dreamy effects of the photos make nostalgia hit you hard and brings you to think about times when you would go on long road trips with friends and loved ones.

I bought my first La Sardina when I was in college but sadly the winding lever broke. So I spent a couple of years photographing with other cameras. Then last year, I finally decided to buy a new one. I love the process of shooting with this tiny camera cause it fits in your bag perfectly, you can carry it anywhere you want to. After the trip to Mexiquillo, I haven't been able to photograph with this camera but I have in mind another project. I love how the bulb mode made the images look so I'm definitely trying that again.
Credits: m_zertuche

The process of her photos was a combination of accidents and experiments. First, she forgot she was shooting using bulb mode so a lot of her photos had a blurry effect. Next, she shot using an expired roll of Fuji Superia film which actually benefitted her since bulb mode would allow the film to receive more light. Lastly, even the film processing had an effect on the photos which resulted in this washed-out vintage dream effect on this roll.

I had that roll of film in my fridge for quite a long time. I think I bought it right after college graduation, but somehow I couldn't find a day to shoot it. So the roll stayed saved for quite a while and when I went on the trip I knew that the place was going to be quite sunny so that roll was the lowest ISO I could find. After the trip, I discovered it was expired. That was actually a happy accident. I didn't realize the camera was on blub mode the whole time, that's why the photos look blurry but I feel that it's almost like a dreamy effect. Then the lab that developed the film didn't wash it well enough before the scanning process that's why the film is full of scratches and dust. So the final result resembles almost an impressionist painting. So combining the bulb mode, the scrappy film process, and the expired film all made a set of unique images. I'm definitely trying the bulb mode on in broad daylight to create that dreamy almost surreal effect.

Check out the rest of @m_zertuche's photos here on her LomoHome. Have any good memories or photos from your last trip? Let us know down below.

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  1. mollykatephoto
    mollykatephoto ·

    I love the images!

  2. ale2000
    ale2000 ·

    Lovely overall! Great stuff indeed.

  3. essgeephoto
    essgeephoto ·

    A happy accident yields fine results - especially the waterfall.

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