Recap: LomoWalk Metropolis X Miami

This past July our analogue film community in South Florida found itself exploring the Wynwood Arts District in Miami for LomoWalk Metropolis: Miami. The event was hosted by Carlos Llamas and supported by local lab, Bellows Film Lab . The participants all received rolls of LomoChrome Metropolis film as well as 50% off development at Bellows Film Lab. Let's see how Miami looks on LomoChrome Metropolis through the eyes of some of the participating photographers.

Photos by Gabriel Blanco

"I was so happy that I decided to participate in this LomoWalk because as a new photographer, I wanted to meet some people in the community. Not only did I meet really cool people, I learned so much and got to get some cool flicks on the way."
- Gabriel Blanco

Photos by Andres Federico Collazos

"The Lomo Walk conducted by Carlos Llamas and shooting the Metropolis negative film turned out to be awesome. Everyone was really nice and easy going, while Carlos provided ample space and time to explore our own views on the colorful scenery and people walking around Wynwood. I rated the Metropolis film as ISO 200 on my external meter, and I loved the bleach-bypass look of the photos, while still preserving a sense of the vivid colors on the murals and graffiti all around us.

I think Carlos might've started something very cool with this LomoWalk and hopefully this will be the beginning of many gatherings to shoot, talk and enjoy film photography around South Florida! Thanks as well to Bellows Miami Film Lab for the 50% discount on their development & scan services, and their quick turnaround."
- Andres Federico Collazos

Photos by Carolina Bonnelly

"First Lomowalk in Miami and it did not disappoint! Great group of Lomographers and LomoChrome Metropolis made the perfect combination for a fun LomoDay!"
- Carolina Bonnelly

Photos by Lori Chung

"I just recently moved to Miami and it was so exciting to meet people from the film community. This was my first time shooting with Metropolis and I'm in love with the colors. Looking forward to experimenting with other Lomography films!"
- Lori Chung

Photos by Erick Zaldivar

"I had an amazing time during the walk and I made a ton of great new friendships throughout the walk. A couple of us actually got together and did another photowalk. I recorded it on my camcorder high-8, and will be making some video content of it soon."
- Erick Zaldivar

Photos by Carlos Llamas

"[...]what a beautiful, sunny afternoon we witnessed as we walked around Wynwood and took the best possible film for this colorful, artistic district - the Metropolis film, for a spin. We had such a great time with this film-enthusiasts group, walking and talking through crowded streets, experiencing and capturing the magical graffiti work of many talented artists that imprinted their signature styles on these walls. The vibe was just excellent!
- Carlos Llamas

We hope everybody who participated had a fun, film filled day! Once again, special thanks to Carlos Llamas and Bellows Film Lab for making this event happen.

If you missed the walk, stay connected with us by checking our Calendar for upcoming events!

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LomoChrome Metropolis 35 mm ISO 100–400

This film comes with a unique chemical formula specifically developed in our Lomography film manufactory, which desaturates colors, mutes tones and makes contrasts pop.

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