Brian Lincoln's Landscapes on LomoChrome Purple 2021 Pétillant Film


We recently sent our LomoAmigo Brian Lincoln a roll of our newly reformulated LomoChrome Purple 2021 Pétillant film to test out. Let's take a look at the landscape photos he took, his first impressions, and all the exciting tips and tricks he has in regards to the magical color-shifting film.

Photos by Brian Lincoln

Hello Brian, could you tell us about yourself and your work?

My name is Brian Lincoln and I live in Portland Oregon, USA. I've been using analogue cameras and film since I was a kid and I also work as a commercial photographer making all sorts of imagery mostly with digital gear. I have a small collection of film cameras, so about 90 percent of my personal work is done on film. My film typically goes to a lab for processing, then I digitize the negatives at home with a digital camera set up and gear from Negative Supply. The negatives are then converted in Adobe LR using a plugin called Negative Lab Pro.

Could you share your experience using the LomoChrome Purple 2021 Pétillant film? How was it compared to shooting other regular Color Negative films?

The expanded ISO range is an interesting idea. The obvious difference would be the magical color shifts, I especially like the color shifts in the yellows. Another difference would be less latitude and a negative with more contrast.

Photos by Brian Lincoln

Did you experiment with the extended ISO range of this film?

I was unsure how many exposures were on the test roll I received so I kept it to one ISO setting. That said, I did experiment with the previous version and made similar images at 100, 200, and 400 ISO for comparison. I liked 100 the best with the most detail in the shadow areas.

The color shift has intense results on your landscapes. How did you decide the settings for your photos?

It was raining in Portland when I received the roll of LomoChrome Purple 2021, so I drove south to Yosemite National Park for some dry weather and autumn color. I set the meter on my Nikon FE2 to 100 ISO to over expose the film slightly. I had a bit of experience working with LomoChrome Purple prior to this trip and a basic understanding of how certain colors would likely shift. Greens shift to purple tones. Yellows become bright pinks and magentas. Reds get funky too. I was looking for scenes around the park with contrast in colors and also scenes with contrast in lighting.

Photos by Brian Lincoln

Is there a specific picture that you like most from this test roll? Can you explain why?

I have two. One was made on the valley floor (the image selected by Lomography for the packaging of the new film formula) with slightly backlit yellow oak trees and golden grasses in full sun. I like the color shift in the oak trees and the low lying smoke in the background from some controlled burns happening at the time. The other is the image made from the river's edge (in shadow) looking downriver at the row of sunlit trees lining the opposite bank and the sheer rock wall filling the frame. I feel it embodies both of the qualities I was looking for; contrast in color and contrast in lighting.

If you could sum up your Purple experience in three words, what would they be?

Learn by doing.

How do you like this formula compared to the previous LomoChrome Purple film?

Yes. I've worked with the LomoChrome Purple a bit over the past couple of years, but mostly the 120 version. The new version might be a bit more rich in color saturation. I'll definitely try more of it when it is released.

Photos by Brian Lincoln

If you were to shoot another roll of LomoChrome Purple 2021 Pétillant, would you do anything different?

I haven't tried a polarizer filter on my lens when using LomoChrome Purple. That's probably worth taking a look at and making comparisons.

Any advice you’d like to share with future LomoChrome Purple users?

Yes. I like to work at 100 or 200 ISO outdoors in the morning or evening light on sunny days. Consider making notes of spots you see that would be fun locations for using LomoChrome Purple film and remember to hit them up in the nice light. I like to stick to simple compositions. Understand that not every frame will work out as well as you imagined and others will work out even better. And check out and #LomoChromePurple on Instagram to see what kind of results others are getting with all the different subject matter out there. Most importantly though, have fun making art.

If you want to see more of Brian's work make sure to check out his Instagram and website.

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  1. eleonorepairet
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    Absolutely dreamy! Beautiful!

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    michaclimb ·

    Sehr gelungene Aufnahmen!

  3. dylanoverhouse
    dylanoverhouse ·

    "Understand that not every frame will work out as well as you imagined and others will work out even better." This is so true! I love that part of they mystery.

  4. hatta
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    Beautiful landscapes in themselves, made even more beautiful by art. That’s what I call magic.

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    great work!

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    Love how the trees stand out!

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