A Transformational Journey with Alyssa-Naïs Tourte


Lomographer Alyssa-Naïs Tourte, aka @29121993 recently took a long trip through Colombia, Peru and Mexico. Accompanied by her boyfriend, her trusty Canon AE-1 and an assortment of 35 mm film, her photos from this journey are filled with a sense of excitement, mystery and romanticism.

Credits: 29121993
“I took this trip with my boyfriend from October 2021 to April 2022 . We traveled for one month and half in Colombia, two months in Peru (including two weeks of quarantine!) and one and half in the south part of Mexico . We took our plane ticket a long time before, during the Covid, so we didn’t know if we should go to Central America or South America. It was my first big trip and I wanted to go first in Asia but because of the situation we changed our minds. Colombia was the first step because of the price and we didn't know our direction after, but I don't regret our choice!”
Credits: 29121993

Her images taken on LomoChrome Purple are particularly striking. The dramatic shift in color from green to purple transforms already beautiful landscapes into something magical and extraordinary.

“I really love using LomoChrome Purple because it permits me to create a new universe and you don’t really know before developing how it will be. I’ve never really used it before for landscape photography but I was really happy and surprised with the results. All the landscapes and mountains we saw were really wonderful and I now have those fingerprints in a new way.”
Credits: 29121993

There is no overarching focus in terms of subject or style of these photos, instead there is a sense of unburdened freedom, excitement and energy that often comes with travel photography. Beautiful portraits, street photography, landscapes and experimental shots are all combined, reflecting a journey led by impulsive decisions and intuition. We asked Alyssa-Naïs if she had any favorite photos from the trip and she had this to say:

“Every picture reminds me of different moments or emotions so it’s complicated to choose but I really like this little pink house in the green of the jungle. I took this photograph from the open window of the bus on the road in Colombia and I was really happy to capture it! The one of my boyfriend with his tee-shirt on his head too. It was a really spontaneous time.”
Credits: 29121993

To see more photos from Alyssa-Naïs' travels be sure to visit her LomoHome.

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