Around the World in Analogue: Milos, Greece


One of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea (which also includes Santorini and Mykonos), Milos boasts beautiful sandy beaches, rock formations, crystal clear waters and a laid-back atmosphere perfect for a summer trip.

In this edition of Around the World in Analogue, film hobbyist Tina Chalkidi (@xalkidh) shares an overview of her vacation itinerary, what makes the place special for her, and a few handy tips for anyone planning to visit the magnificent island themselves.

Name: Tina Chalkidi
LomoHome: @xalkidh
Social Media: Instagram: xalkidh
Camera: Pentax Espio 200
Film: Kodak ColorPlus 200

Credits: xalkidh
Greek islands are known worldwide for their beauty and I, being Greek, love to visit a different one every summer. I have to admit, though, that Milos' one-of-a-kind white rocky terrain is on the top of the list for me. I recently spent five days there with my significant other and I would have stayed fifty if I could!
Credits: xalkidh
During my trip I had the pleasure of taking part in a half-day cruise around the island, focusing on Kleftiko and Gerontas beaches. I believe any locally organised cruise is a must if you are visiting Milos, given that a big part of the island is inaccessible otherwise. The crew was even kind enough to give us all complimentary sandwiches and water!
Credits: xalkidh
I bought my first disposable camera in 2019, when I had just turned 18. I had always loved looking through my mom's old photo albums from when she was my age. Film photography truly has a way to capture the overall feeling of the moment, instead of the photo being overly planned and stiff.
Credits: xalkidh

For those planning to visit Milos' cobblestoned paths and iconic beaches, Tina has these tips:

If you are planning on visiting Milos, do not miss out on Sarakiniko. I would also suggest visiting Plaka, which is the Chora of the island (every Greek island has one!) and Klima. The island is pretty small overall, so you could even rent out an ATV if that's your kind of thing. Lastly, make sure to book a 4-5 day holiday, so you can properly enjoy Milos' beauty!

Thank you @xalkidh for sharing your tips and experiences with us! You can check out the rest of Tina's Milos, Greece photos here, or visit her LomoHome for more of her photos.

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