An LC-A+ Film Swap Project with Gaz and Lomomowlem


It doesn't take a genius to notice that creativity and community are two things Lomography support wholeheartedly. So, when to UK-based film shooters Gaz and Lomomowlem told us about their latest film swap project using the LC-A+ and some expired slide film, we just had to find out more.

Tell us a bit about yourselves and how this film swap project came about?

Iain Fuller: I’m Iain AKA lomoopportunity and lomomowlem and I’m a graphic designer based in the UK. Got my first LC-A in 1999 and have been shooting film ever since. I’ve been a big fan of Gaz for years and we’ve swapped photos and chatted online before. He’d recently finished a film swap with Sobetion so when he suggested we try one in October 2020 I jumped at the chance.

Gaz: I’ve been a fan of Lomomolem’s work since I started using film cameras as he always takes some awesome photos. I especially liked his double exposures using sunsets so I asked him if he’d like to do a film swap. As we both mainly use slide film and cross processed film we used some of that. It’s taken absolutely ages to finish as it was all through lockdown but we were happy with what came out.

What camera and film did you use for this photo set?
Iain: We both used an LC-A+ loaded with a roll of Kodak Elite Chrome EBX

How did you plan for this photo set?

Iain: The planning all fell into place really easily. I had a roll of Elite Chrome EBX with a relatively recent expiry date of 2014 which I’d been saving for a special occasion so this seemed like an ideal opportunity to use it. Also, when we were first chatted about the swap Gaz mentioned sunsets which is something I’ve shot in lots of previous experiments with double exposures, so that was what I would shoot first.

Any tips for other people wanting to try this idea out?

Iain: Do some research! There are so many amazing film swaps out there in the Lomography community to inspire you, it’s definitely worth checking them out for technical tips and also to see what can work best with your style of shooting.

Gaz: I’d say just be creative as you never know what will come out, you can guarantee a couple of amazing shots!

Thank you to Gaz (@gaz) and Iain (@lomomowlem) for sharing their film swap project with us. Check out more of their photography at their respective LomoHomes!

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