Pablo Padira Creates Powerful B&W Street Photos with Potsdam Kino Film and the Lomogon Art Lens

We got to know Spanish photographer Pablo Padira few months ago, when he tested our Berlin Kino B&W 400 ISO film. This time, he's showing us his fantastic high contrast photos shot with the Potsdam Kino B&W 100 ISO and the Lomogon Art Lens.

© Pablo Padira

Hi Pablo, welcome back! How has life treated you since your last interview?

Hello again, well, it's not bad for me. Many hours in the laboratory printing and in the street taking photos for my work.

This incredible series was shot with our Potsdam Kino B&W 100 ISO film and our Lomogon Art Lens. How did you like the combination?

It's a perfect combination to achieve these contrasts with powerful blacks and whites. I will have to print the photos to see what the result is like, but I don't think it will be very different from what I've seen in the scan.

The Lomogon is a fun lens. The fixed, perfectly round apertures enable you to leave it between two apertures or “misplace it” so that it will generate a vignetting effect that can be interesting for the shot you want to take.

© Pablo Padira

What camera did you use?

The camera I used was the Nikon FM2.

Do you have any advice for those trying out the Lomogon Art Lens for the first time?

The main suggestion would be the following: before starting shooting, touch it, study the aperture ring so when you are looking through the viewfinder you will always know the aperture. Due to the model of my camera the aperture does not appear in the viewfinder and at first I was confused, but when I started playing with the vignetting everything was great!

© Pablo Padira

Did you develop these photos in your lab? If so, can you share the technical part?

As with the previous film, the Berlin Kino, I looked for the indications on your page and developed it at home. It would be interesting if each film included the formula written on the packaging. I use the HC-110 developer and, as indicated on the website, 1+11, 6 minutes at 20ºC.

© Pablo Padira

Do you have interesting upcoming projects or collaborations that you would like to share with our readers?

Well, for now I have in mind to exhibit two festivals: a brand new one called NEGATIVE in Badajoz that will take place in November, and a month before, at the analogue photography festival "Ricardo Martín" in Villanueva of the Serena.

© Pablo Padira

Check out Pablo's works on his Instagram and website. Click here to purchase his prints.

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