Tipster: Shortcut For EBS Look On Film

Have you heard about Exposing Both Side of a film? Well, what about faking it? Undertaking the endeavor of EBS can be intimidating if you are at the beginning of your experimental adventures with analogue photography.

If you're not yet comfortable cutting and pasting a film backwards, this article might be what you were looking for: an easy trick to achieve a tinted amber look for your color negative film.

Photo by Elisa Parrino

How To:

We like to keep it simple when we can: here is what you'll need

  • A slice of film
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Splitzer

For this tipster we used Lomography Color Negative 35 mm ISO 100 but any color negative of your choice will work just fine. You do need to choose a color-negative film to see the effects of the filter on your images.

Image 1 tools, Steps 1 cute the film, step 2 tape it on the splitzer.

The first step, load a roll of film into your camera. We recommend using a camera where your lens can welcome a Splitzer. When we worked on this tipster, we used a Splitzer that was a bit bigger in diameter for our lens, therefore resulting in a softer look instead of a sharp line in the middles.

As the device on the lens could not be screwed in, we did not get as strong separation as we wished, and the two images leaked onto each other. However we don't mind it at all.

Once you have completed all 36 frames, rewind it. When winding, be careful once you reach the last bit, do not wind it all the way back but leave the first 5 to 10 centimetres of film in the beginning out too. This way, your film will align precisely with the first time you shot.

Photo by Elisa Parrino

Now it's time to shoot again; apply the filter on your Splitzer. Position your Splitzer upside down on the reverse side compared to the first time. If you wish to get a stronger result, try to tape a double layer of old film or try with different kinds of films, to see different shades of amber coloring your frames. Then proceed to shoot.

Once you have finished your film, it is time to develop, and you can simply send it to your trusted lab since the developing process is unchanged.

Enjoy the results!

What is your favorite simple hack to apply to a camera? Share your ideas in the comments below and we might give it a try!

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