Black and White Bogotá by Abbyroad


Calming and alluring is how I would describe Abbyroad’s photos. When I encountered their work by chance I immediately went to their LomoHome and I was captivated by how they could capture their city in such an intimate and lovely way.

Credits: abbyroad

Abbyroad presents their life in Bogota in black and white. Armed with a Nikkormat FT2, which is known to be a camera with a unique set of quirks, they bring us through our screens and allow us to view Bogota from the lens of a resident. The Nikkormat FT2 came from the era where Nikon was still hand assembling all of their cameras. Though aimed at beginners, the FT2 was also greatly admired by professionals since the FT2 can use lenses from other Nikon cameras at that time. Both of these traits, as well as it's affordable price, gave the FT2 a reputation of being a reliable back up for the Nikon F series of cameras.

Credits: abbyroad

Abbyroad uses Arista EDU Ultra 100 which is a film I’ve never encountered. With it being a low ISO film it is perfect for natural light and daytime. One notable characteristic about the film is that even at ISO 100 you can see a lot of grain but I think it helps give the photos more character.

Credits: abbyroad

The photos provide a solemn love letter to the city. From glimpses of city life with supermarket runs, meals with friends, and noticing the cityscapes to the more calm and serene moments in nature, Abbyroad reveals intimate slices of life that allow us to glimpse what it feels like to live and breathe in Bogota.

We thank @abbyroad for sharing their photos with the community. To check out more of their work check out their LomoHome.

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  1. brine
    brine ·

    Arista EDU ultra 100 is actually Fomapan rebranded for Freestyle Photo to sell.

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