Kinetic Frames: How To Turn Your ActionSampler Pictures Into Gifs

If the word "action" gets your heart racing with excitement then this is the camera for you. Not one lens, not two lenses but four lenses in one camera. In a fraction of a second four frames can be captured all together. The ActionSampler opens four lenses in a sequence of 0.22 seconds for each frame.

Photos by Elisa Parrino

What is best to photograph with this camera, if not some cool shots of true action in motion? With this in mind we ventured to the skate park, loaded a roll of Lomography Redscale XR 35 mm ISO 50–200, and let the magic of the camera (plus the crazy tricks of the skaters) do the rest.

The beauty of having an automatic camera with you is that it’s easy to use. You have the advantage of focusing on the events in front of you and catching the best jumps, without worrying about your settings.

Photos by Elisa Parrino

The ActionSampler has an aperture of f8, and the shutter goes at 1/100 of a second. Perfect to use in broad daylight. We do have one piece of advice: when you see movement in front of you, don't need to move with your subject. It can be an automatic reaction - you accidentally move, unaware, caught by following what is happening in front of you. But let the camera follow the action, and you can stay still.

Once your negatives are finally in your hands, the results are mind-blowing. There they are: jumps, tricks, slides, falls. Kinetic frames in 35 mm size.

Photos by Elisa Parrino

However, we do live in the era of the internet, and there lies the beauty of the ActionSampler : with this camera, you can turn something static into movement. Get ready to master the GIF and turn your frames into fun, unique pieces of internet amazement.

The road to becoming the next meme is a few cuts and pastes away. To make GIFs out of your frames, upload your picture on photoshop or any editing software with cutting tools and couture each quarter. The sequence to save each frame goes from top to bottom from left. And bottom to top from right.

Step by step photoshop workflow for each frame.

Select the first frame, right-click and layer via copy, duplicate layer, create a new layer, crop and save, save as a jpeg, and name with the sequencing. The sequence can then be uploaded on the web page of your choice. There are many platforms you can use such as Canva, Giphy or Adobe.

They will automatically sync each frame in sequence and animate it for you. On some pages, you can select how fast the seconds between each frame are to have a smooth motion.

The best feeling comes from a tool that opens opportunities for you. Your camera is an extension of your mind, and, in the end, it is up to you to decide how you want to use that device.

What will your next adventure be with the ActionSampler? Share your kinetic pictures with us in our community .

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Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 35mm

The Lomography Redscale XR 50-200’s extended range allows flexibility and unlimited possibilities.

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