Breaking the Norms — Experimental Film Photography by @liisliis

Analogue alchemists and film scientists, rejoice! This experimental film photography gallery is for you. These creative captures are from community member @liisliis who is also a fan of experiments and creative exploits on film.

Credits: liisliis

She uses different creative techniques to bring her visions to life. As a self-proclaimed experiential photographer, Liis chooses to look at the funky possibilities that film has to offer. A dollop of color there, a smudge and some blur here, and a whole lot of experimentation with film soups and expired film stock contribute to the overall appeal of her eccentric works. Liis takes photos the way a sculptor shapes wet clay, all is done by feel. She channels her emotions and her model's energy into her frames and what you get are varying degrees of mystery, unique ideas, and individuality. She doesn't stay within the confines of a particular style. Instead, Liis goes ahead and does what her instincts tell her.

Credits: liisliis

As fellow members of this creative film hub, we appreciate the effort and free-spirited qualities of everyone here in the community. We certainly hope that more photographers like Liis share their work with everyone here in an effort to inspire eachother—complete with quirks and all.

Thank you Liis for sharing your photos with us! To see more of her experimental work check out her LomoHome.

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