Having Fun with Large Format and Instant Film — @serolfitnas shoots with the Lomograflok 4x5


Accessible, convenient, and reliable—these are just a few words that can describe the LomoGraflok Instant Back. It's Lomography's way of bringing back the enjoyment of shooting with instant film using large format cameras without the burden of heavy price tags and scarcity (not to mention the difficulty of finding properly stored large format instant films). We believe people should be able to enjoy film photography with their chosen gear, and that's surely something every analogue fan can get behind.

Credits: serolfitnas

Community member @serolfitnas has been sharing these wonderful captures taken with the LomoGraflok and all we can say is that we're loving his output. You can definitely see the advantages of using large format cameras from his shots: the details are remarkable and the shallow depth of field is distinguishable with every frame. @serolfitnas took these large format instants with a Linhof Technika V camera and a Schneider-Kreuznach Tele-Arton 270 mm f/5.5 lens.

As fans of all forms of film photography, we appreciate the impressive highlights and details that he was able to present even with such a smaller film choice (compared to 4x5 film sheets that are typically used with large format cameras that offer outstanding detail and clarity). It is apparent that @serolfitnas took the time to practice shooting with the film back before heading out for a photowalk. Even with expired Fuji Instax Wide Film (dated 2018), he was able to come up with crisp and eye-catching frames. He made it look effortless too.

Credits: serolfitnas

We would like to thank @serolfitnas for sharing his frames with the community. Follow him on his LomoHome or Instagram to see more of his recent work.

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  1. serolfitnas
    serolfitnas ·

    Thank you so much !! ♥ It´s a pleasure sharing my photos with all the community. The LomoGraflok is a great tool for keeping our large format cameras on the run!

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