Camp Snaps — a Collection of Film Photos Taken in the Wild

In some parts of the world, summer is never really over and it's always a great time to seek out new experiences. We've scoured our community album to give you a taste of life in the great outdoors. Join us as we browse through this collection of camp snaps and let us all rediscover what it feels like to enjoy the outside world again. Of course, with good friends and film photography.

Credits: carolin

It's more fun in the outdoors

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Almost everything you get to do in the outdoors feels more authentic and purposeful. Spending time outdoors is a constant effort to bask in nature and its many experiences. Even cooking is better when you're outdoors. The aroma of food filling the camp, and its warmth is inviting you to sit around and share stories over a simple stewed dish or grilled sausages with toasted bread. It's about returning to the basics and enjoying the little things.

You get views like this

Credits: day3hugger, neja, blueskyandhardrock & r0sie

There's no way to go around it, some camp sites are made for photography. Sure you have to hike a little bit (or probably quite a lot) but the view is very much worth it. The time and effort you pour into the trip is part of the experience and the view you get is the grand prize. There's nothing like taking in majestic views and getting to photograph them for that album in your heart and mind. You have to experience it to believe it.

Nothing comes close to spending quality time with family and friends

Credits: welland, lakandula, neja & mchrysler

This is probably the biggest thing that makes camping and trips in general something to look forward to. You get to surround yourself with people you love and share the experience with them. No need for expensive gadgets or fancy vacation houses. All you need is good company and probably a bonfire to keep you warm as you take your deep conversations deep into the night. Not to mention, the stars sometimes reveal themselves to patient campers. Great conversations, good food and drinks, and under a blanket of stars... sign us up!

It can feel like a holiday and/or a time for self-reflection

Credits: carolin, lakandula, happieannie & natalieerachel

Remember when you were a little kid and you couldn't sleep the night before a big trip? Well, when it comes to camping that feeling never seems to leave you. The child in you will always be excited for this "holiday". However, when you get to your destination or maybe during the journey, you find this moment of peace and quiet that you haven't felt in a long time. When we grow old, it's easy to lose sight of the beauty that makes childhood awesome but somehow you get to fine-tune your senses and reflect on life and the possibilities it has in store for you. Sitting by the shore on a cold morning while waiting for the sunrise is an awesome time for that. Or watching the sky burn with a brilliant sunset. That works too.

We'd love to hear from you! Sound off in the comment section below if you have unforgettable camp snaps and stories.

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