Around the World in Analogue: Izmir, Turkey

The ancient region of Ionia, located west of Anatolia in Turkey, is exceptionally rich in history, culture, and stories. It flourished and expanded with the help of trade, manufacturing and its strategic location. For a period it was also known as an intellectual powerhouse, being the birthplace of many notable philosophers, mathematicians and artists.

Truly, the region is a must-see for anyone with an interest not just in the history of the region of Turkey, but in the history of our world as we know it.

Community member Hüseyin Çelikoğlu, also known as @vanyadayi, who was born there, recently visited a few cities and captured photos of several ruins using an expired film.

Name: Hüseyin Çelikoğlu
LomoHome: @vanyadayi
Social Media: Instagram - vanya.dayi
Camera: Minolta XG-1(n)
Film: Expired Kodak Profoto 100
Location: İzmir, Turkey

“Ionia is a unique geography that has a multi-layered structure in the historical sense and has hosted many people and cultures. I am proud to be a 21st century Ionian. because I was born in this geography, I live here and I represent the spirit of this place,” Hüseyin said, talking about what makes the place special for him.

He recently photographed Ephesus, Magnesia and Miletus with an expired roll of Kodak ProFoto 100, and the results are deeply nostalgic snapshots of some of the most important cities in human civilization.

Credits: vanyadayi

Hüseyin’s interest in analogue photography started in 2007 when he bought a film camera for a university photography class. He shared that although technology makes for efficient work, traditional photography remains relevant purely for the intimate experience it allows the photographer.

I think that analogue photography has always been ahead of modern photography, and will always remain so, because taking analogue photos gives people a different pleasure. With analogue, the colors are pale, but the emotions are more intense. Just like real life.
Credits: vanyadayi

For anyone wishing to embark on their own journey to Ionia to see its magnificence with their own eyes, here are some tips from Hüseyin:

I love Miletus because this is where science was born; where Thales, Anaximander and Anaximenes lived. Ephesus, on the other hand, is a world-famous big city that hosts the most visitors. You should definitely set aside the whole day for sightseeing. Unlike Ephesus, Magnesia is a place that does not have many visitors, but has a huge stadium for the Olympic Artemis Games with a capacity of 40,000 people. It should definitely be visited. Miletus is not a suitable place to visit in the spring because the waters rise in a part of the city and only recede in the autumn, so autumn is a better time to visit.
If you come to Ionia, there are many ancient cities that you can go to. Don’t forget to choose between the months of September, October or November for a visit.

Thank you to @vanyadayi for sharing his photos, stories and tips with us! You can check out the rest of his photos from his Ionia trip here, and see his other photos in his LomoHome.

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