Corentin Schieb and his dreamlike photos with the Lomography Redscale 35 mm


French photographer @corentinschieb is a very active member of the Lomography Community, who shares his creative and inspiring film photos regularly on his LomoHome! In this article he tells us about his experience with the Lomography Redscale XR 35 mm ISO 50–200. Corentin made a series of portraits which show the features of this film, he changed the ISO's in the process of shooting and obtained shades of red, orange, cyan and magenta!

Photo by @corentinschieb with the Lomography Redscale. Model: Enzo.

Hello Corentin, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Corentin Schieb, I am from Nantes, France and I am a photographer. I have been working mainly in analogue for a few years now. In parallel I also make movies, videos and documentaries with a collective called "Les Furtifs".

When and how did you start film photography?

I have always liked to take photos to create souvenirs. When I was a kid I used a lot of disposable cameras and I have always loved to capture my surroundings in photographs.
But I actually discovered and started film photography in 2014, when my father gave me his camera, a Canon EOS 650. At that moment, I was moving to Berlin, a place with many things to discover and plenty of new people to meet, and I wanted to capture all those moments through my lens. I have never stopped since!

Photos by @corentinschieb with the Lomography Redscale. Model: Enzo.

You regularly upload photos to your LomoHome. Why do you appreciate being part of the Lomography Community?

I discovered Lomography a few years ago while looking for advice about how to use the Lomo LC-A +. Then, I spent a lot of hours reading and learning more about the technique, the types of films, the photographic experimentations, during which I discovered the creative and authentic potential of film photography. I regularly discover very talented people within the Lomography Community, and I really appreciate the welcoming, kind and sharing spirit of the members among themselves!

What is your process of creation? Do you prepare your shootings or do you work in a more spontaneous way?

I try to prepare for my shoots as much as possible in advance in terms of technique and equipment, in order to leave place for spontaneity when photographing. Whether it is to photograph every day moments or portraits, I try to avoid planning to much. I always take the time to enjoy the moment through my vision, very often melancholic, nostalgic and dreamy.

I make a lot of portraits, and enjoy that shooting relies a lot on the atmosphere and the connection you have with your subject. When I photograph new people I always try to meet them before, to talk, understand who they are and create a relationship based on trust.

Photos by @corentinschieb with the Lomography Redscale. Model: Enzo.

You used the Lomography Redscale film for your last shoot. Tell us a bit more about your experience.

For this shoot I was able to make a series of portraits with Enzo (@enzom0on on Instagram) as a model. It was in Nantes next to the river of La Loire, during sunset and the idea was to test the Lomography Redscale outdoors and with natural light.

I used two rolls with a Nikon F2, one at 200 ISO and the other one at a 100 ISO, to see the different possibilities that can be delivered by the film. I also wanted to experiment with the textures around and multiple exposures with the clouds and the water.

Using the Lomography Redscale enabled me to freeze the generosity of the light of the moment, while offering an aesthetic that I really liked! The results were overall very warm, but with variations of shades from one photo to another. This made me want to do more tests to better control the film and use it on other projects. Thanks to Lomography for this opportunity!

What do you like about this film?

I was a little afraid to have repetitive and very sturated results of orange shades, but I was pleasantly surpised, when developping. The Lomography Redscale can offer very different results, with a variety of colors and of cyan and magenta shades. In addition to the fact that we can influence the results with the ISO changes, I find that it gives a big potential to the use of the film! It offers dreamlike photos that I really like and that I feel it corresponds to my universe.

Photos by @corentinschieb with the Lomography Redscale. Model: Enzo.

Any upcoming projects you'd like to tell us about?

I am always looking to move and meet people to photograph and this year has been, so far, very rich in emotions and projects. But I am currently working on my first photo book, that I hope will come out by the end of 2022! This is a first for me and I would like to accompany it with an exhibition to tell the story of my photo adventures over the past few years.

If you would like to see more photography from Corentin you can visit his LomoHome, Instagram, Twitter and his website.

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2022-07-08 #people

Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 35mm

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  1. waggrad00
    waggrad00 ·

    Wonderful article and photos. Super happy to be introduced to @CORENTINSCHIEB

  2. corentinschieb
    corentinschieb ·

    Thank you so much Lomography for this wonderful article and your trust on this test :) It was fun and a really cool opportunity !

  3. roaringtree
    roaringtree ·

    Gorgeous photos! I must try this film because of your article :-)

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