Lomography Film Swap Challenge (part 2)


Last week we brought you some of the stunning results from our Film Photography Day community film swap experiment. But there's plenty more where that came from! We're back for part 2 and even more surprising double exposures from pairs of talented Lomographers across the globe.

Germany - LomoChrome Metropolis

Film Swap between Madeleine Leichner & Alexander Günther - LomoChrome Metropolis

Madeleine Leichner : With every photo that I wanted to take, I thought three times whether I should really do it. I constantly had the feeling of invading privacy because I knew that there were already pictures of Alex on the film. And I didn't know if I was destroying one of his most beautiful photos by my actions. I was too "overcomplicated" at the beginning. At some point I just took a breath and put my finger on the button.

It helped me a lot to know that Alex had already done this a few times and was the first to get the film. He also sent me extra markings and descriptions of how he had inserted the film. I can recommend this arrangement to anyone who is swapping a film for the first time.

Alexander Günther : I love double-exposures and film swaps and I’m always searching for new projects with other people around the world! It’s great to see how two ideas of two different photographers merge to one picture.

In my opinion, the most challenging thing is to load the film exactly like your swap-partner. The other part is just having fun, taking pictures and waiting for the results full of excitement... Okay to be honest, the hardest thing is waiting for the pictures.

One tip is to experiment with high contrasts, dark areas and shadows. This can get really crazy results.

Spain - Color Negative 100

Film Swap between Juan Luis Ronco & @motagirl2 - Color Negative 100

Juan Luis Ronco : This is a very cool exercise to meet new people and play with photography in a different way. My advice would be to think about the composition. Leave stuff on the sides of the frames to interact with your partner, create frames with the environment and play with textures.

I think the results are pretty good! I'm even gonna print a couple and hang them on my wall!

@motagirl2 : I am always happy to participate in creative projects that involve other people. Animals are always fun to have in double exposures, plants do also produce beautiful results.

I loved the results! It was super nice to see pretty coincidences.

Hong Kong Team 1 - Color Negative 400

Film Swap between Daion & Ranee - Color Negative 400

Daion : I chose to participate in this film swap because aliens need to have contact with humans. We Come In Peace.

It's challenging because I have too many ideas. Forget all ideas. Don't think, just shoot. It's very interesting to see the world from a human perspective.

Ranee : I thought the Film Swap Challenge was very interesting, and I hoped to get to know more film lovers through this event. The biggest challenge is you don't know whether the other person is shooting in a very light or dark place. If two photographers take very light or dark photos at the same time, the result will not be ideal.

The result is amazing, and I never thought that I could shoot like this. The lighting taken by Daion made the photos become more interesting, like a cyberpunk feel!

Hong Kong, Team 2 - Color Negative 400

Film Swap between K & Annie - Color Negative 400

K : I found this Lomography Film Swap event on Instagram . I wanted to have some connection on the same roll of film with another film lover from a different culture and place.

For the film, the flexibility of ISO 400 film can be used in different situations and environments. For example, we have used Lomography ISO 400 Color Negative film in this Film Swap event. I did not need to care too much about the weather and exposure problems.

Most of the photos did not overlap as we thought, although I personally think these photos are not bad. I asked Annie to look at these photos together. We found that the second exposure was not obvious, which should be caused by underexposure. We both agreed to take another exposure photos together, in order to have more satisfying photos. This is the uncertainty of film photography, which also surprised us a lot!

Annie : As soon as I saw the Film Swap from Lomography HK Instagram, I immediately signed up. As a beginner in film photography, I look forward to meeting film lovers in the community, and to learn more about photography from them. I found that film photography is challenging, with so many possibilities and surprises.

I think that sometimes you don't need to think too much about the settings, composition, etc., as you will miss the best moment. Sometimes you can trust your intuition and just press the shutter. You will accidentally capture the most wonderful moment.

I had some reflections after joining this Film Swap event: What should I focus more on? The photo? Or the story behind it? I think we should think and recall the feelings and moods when we took this photo, and why we were taking this photo at that moment. This is the message and feeling I would like to share to the audience!

Taiwan - Color Negative 400

Film Swap between Donggua & Ann - Color Negative 400

Donggua : I had tried taking multiple exposure photos before, and I would like to try it again! I think this Film Swap Event is interesting as it can take multiple exposure photos with another Lomographer!

When I was shooting, I had to think about whether Ann’s photos could be exposed clearly in my photos, so I had to pay attention to the brightness and contrast. When trying double/multiple exposures, you can shoot landscapes first, and shoot people for the second time. The whole picture will be more beautiful! If you take landscape twice, the photo will maybe be a bit messy,

The results were not bad! Although some photos did not focus correctly, there are still a few unexpectedly beautiful photos! As a cat lover, it is very exciting to see cats!

Ann : In the whole shooting process, I always think about the theme of the photo and what to shoot. The photos need to be simple and clean. The first exposure has to be darker. Also, It would be better to shoot some larger and more obvious subjects.

I think I need to practice more on the exposure part. Some photos look like they haven't been exposed correctly. I am trying hard to recall what I took!

We'd like to give a huge thanks to everyone who participated in this project! You can find more of their work at their respective LomoHomes.

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