Pastel Poses with Rebecca Too and Lomography 400 Color Negative 35 mm film

UK-based photographer Rebecca Too has a keen eye for detail and has been creating some striking studio portraits using the Lomography 400 Color Negative 35 mm film. She manages to co-ordinate colors and styles together to produce a body of work that is playful and full of joy. We talked to Rebecca about shooting with film and being prepared for a studio shoot.

Photos by Rebecca Too

Hello Rebecca, please tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello Lomography, thank you for the opportunity to feature my work. A bit about me - I'm a Liverpool based photographer specialising in film portraits shot in a studio setting. I also produce short super 8 films.

How would you describe your photography style?

My style of photography is vibrant, specifically from a color profile perspective. I enjoy using complimentary color schemes to help make an image pop by adding in bold elements that catch the eye of anyone viewing my images.

Photos by Rebecca Too

How did you get into shooting with film?

I started experimenting with film during my time as a photography student many years ago. Maintaining a love for the analogue form, often using it to capture personal memories. It wasn’t until 2020 when I found myself in a position with plenty of available time, giving me an opportunity to fully explore the interest I had for film photography further. I naturally gravitated towards taking film portraits, as this gave me a chance to be simultaneously creative and sociable all while taking pictures of people.

Photos by Rebecca Too

What do you need to prepare for when shooting film in a studio situation?

Lots of preparation for studio shoots is needed. Firstly, you need to create a moodboard, source a model, book out a studio space, potentially find a creative team for hair, makeup, etc and the most important component of all is having enough film to shoot.

Then it’s just a case of working collaboratively with everyone when within the studio setting to create the best possible results. I always like to ensure shoots are a fun/comfortable environment for all parties involved. When I first started shooting portraits using strobe lighting, it was a daunting experience, but with plenty of practice I’m happy with how my work has progressed.

Photos by Rebecca Too

How do you get on shooting with the Lomography Color Negative 400 film?

Early in 2020 I was searching for a film stock that wasn’t only high in quality, but affordable too. That’s when I decided to give Lomography CN 400 a try and it’s been my go-to ever since. Amazingly versatile, while also rendering colors to my preference of being naturally higher saturation. Couldn’t recommend it enough!

Photos by Rebecca Too

If you were to invent a new type or film what would it do or look like?

35 mm or 120 version of instant film. It might sound like digital but us film lovers know digital will never compare to analogue.

To see more of Rebecca's work check out her Instagram page.

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